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Which One Is Better: Apartment Or Independent House?

Are you dreaming about owning your dream home in the heart of a city? But confused if you should invest in an independent house or an apartment. Here are some of the points that will help you to choose your dream home.

  • Choice of Locality

In a metropolitan city like Kochi, we have seen that the accessible open spaces are getting depleted by real estate builders and their projects. This is because of a major number of people moving into the city and hence their increase in the demand for houses. But the lack of space availability is the major concern to those people who like to find a house close to their workplace, kid’s schools, hospitals or other accessibilities in the heart of the city. So finding a plot to build your own independent house might be a tedious chore. Instead, you can be able to find a huge number of choices in apartments across the city. So it is very easy to find a dream home that meets all the essential requirements of city life like proximity to the office, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other social infrastructure.

  • Ready Availability vs. Flexibility

When you construct a personal house, you've got the freedom to decide on the planning, entire construction of the house and in future, you can easily upgrade it upon your tastes. However, with apartments, you might not be allowed to form any alterations to the most construction. You can, however, prefer to splurge on the inside style to convey it your personal bit. If you build a home on a plot it'd take a substantial quantity of your time for the development to be completed. In terms of the apartment, if you select a reliable builder with RERA registered you've got the peace of mind that you simply would get your home among the stipulated time. And with apartment, you merely need to pay the worth of the property and also the builder would beware of all the construction work and timely delivery. You do not have the trouble of finding architects and contractors to assist you to build like individual homes.

  • Amenities

Most apartments offer a variety of amenities to its residents. They are swimming pool,   fully automatic lifts, clubhouse, health club, water filter, sewage treatment plant, solar energy utilization, children's play area, rooftop party area,   intercom facility, video door phone, surveillance camera, fire fighting system, caretaker’s room, driver’s room, provision for 24 hrs lift, power & water supply facility. So purchasing an apartment property comes with these added values whereas an independent property needs extra effort for setting up of these services. Moreover, various housing projects also deal with additional on-call assistance like housekeeping, laundry, medical facilities, electrician, plumber, cooks and others. Whereas in case of an independent house, a homeowner is needed to take a considerable amount towards putting in these facilities and its maintenance.

  • Privacy vs. Safety

There is no doubt that the privacy that a personal house offers is kind of one thing. This is not meant that apartments are lacking. But the common areas in the apartments would be accessible to all the residents. However, one key factor draws most of the home consumers to apartments is round-the-clock security. That is apartments come with 24*7 manned security guards, surveillance cameras and monitored visitor management system. Also, living in a community adds to the safety factor as having a lot of neighbours around will solely helpful within the event of an emergency.

  • Home Loans

If you are applying for a home loan then it is easier to get the home loan for an apartment over any individual home. The lending is difficult in the case of independent properties whereas apartment housing projects have pre-approved loans from lending institutions which make it easier to secure home loans. Read more about pre-approved loans in our article “opt for pre-approved home loan & take a step closer to your dream home”   & know its benefits.

  • Resale Value

Nowadays the demands for apartments are very big across major cities. Even in smaller cities, home consumers prefer apartments over individual houses. This shows that resale of apartments is likely to be easier over independent houses, further bringing greater resale value.

  • Tax Benefits

When you decide to take a home loan to purchase an apartment, you are entitled to tax benefits. When it comes to individual homes, the residents will avail a loan for the purchase of land besides as construction of the house. However, tax exemptions can't be availed solely on the acquisition of the land.

It is difficult to say which one is better, as each has its own pros and cons. So the decision must be based on the choices that would suit you and your family. It is clear that based on the current housing scenario, it is more sensible to choose an apartment complex than an individual house. Are you searching to buy the best apartments in Kerala? Then you can get in touch with Varma Homes as a pioneer in real estate industry, we offer high-end amenities to all our apartments in the major areas of Kerala like Kochi, Thrissur & Trivandrum which helped many buyers to reach on your dream home. Visit Varma Homes to know the exact details of all our residential projects and select the best from it. So weigh all your options and connect with us to book an apartment in your favourite location to lead a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

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