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Investment strategies in Kerala, Kerala

Investing in a new housing property is one of the most crucial financial decisions we take as we incline to invest a large sum amount in one go.? So there are certain things to pay attention before buying a flat to minimize your risk. To simplify things, here we have listed a few important things that everyone must cross check before buying your dream apartment or flat.?

Builder Credibility-Simply being in business for a long time is not enough; the builder should have earned customers trust and goodwill. Keeping promises on quality, delivery and amenities to customers is essential. You also need to check whether their offers are credible; some builders create too-good-to-be-true promises to draw customers, but they pull out later. There have been many such incidents everywhere where we?ve seen high rises falling as the builder used improper matter while constructing the house. To ensure you and your family safety, research well regarding the builder and the best method is to look for past projects of the builder.?

Legal Check of Property- Check whether the building has required authorization from the concerned authorities. Double check the builder have approvals and NOC from the electricity board, water supply, sewage boards, Panchayat/Municipal, Corporation etc.?

Ownership - There avail the number of apartments, and you can find flats of all price range. No matter whether you are looking for a 1BHK /2BHK/ 3BHK flat, you can easily discover the best choices. However, it is essential to comment that many people purchase under-construction flats just for investment targets. So, if you are looking for resale flats, you must guarantee the flat has the right ownership and has surpassed all the legal documents of the property.

Litigation Free Land- Before you invest in the housing property, you want to confirm the land isn't concerned in any sort of legal dispute, as the property dealers or real estate brokers may try and hide such problem.? So before finalising your deal make a background check of the land.?

Floor Plan- Before buying any flat, floor plan is a very significant consideration. It is vital to be aware of the flat space and the common share percentage, air passage, adequate ventilation, proper placements of the fixtures, directions and dimensions etc.

Check The Carpet Area- You need to check the actual carpet space of the flat before you book one instead of the super built-up area. Usually, the super built-up area comprises the lobby, the staircase, elevator space, the thickness of the walls and others. Though, carpet area is the actual space within the walls of the flat.?

Government Permitted Land- The construction plan of a building is sanctioned by the authority only if the land come under the category of the ?build-able? class. So as to confirm the builder has obtained the required permission from the govt., you want to ask the owner of the flat to show the sanctioned papers. In this manner, you'll be able to keep one's hands off from the illegal properties.

Property Taxes-Before investing your hard earned cash, you need to pay attention to property taxes. It?s important to confirm the builder has paid all the required taxes associated with the property upon which the flat has been made.

Additional Charges-Numerous costs that go into making the total cost of a flat starting from parking space charges to club membership costs. In addition to basic cost, car parking, caretaker charges, public utilities such as sewage treatment and wastewater management can also cost more than the base price. So, inquire about these kinds of additional charges before paying the booking amount to avoid surprises later.

Before you purchase a flat, you must query whether the building property is legally trouble-free or not. Buying a house is one among the huge steps in your life, it might be your years of saving and years of planning cannot be drop at the right moment when you make the final decision. Therefore, you are required to reminisce each of these points before you fix the deal. You don't need to worry about these things when you approach Varma Homes for your dream purchase of the apartments in Kochi, Thrissur & Trivandrum. As we know that buying an apartment may the biggest purchase of your life. So we strictly follow all the legal formalities and deliver all our projects on time or ahead of schedule for all our buyers.?

Being the top builder in Kerala, our credibility, top-notch quality and value we preserve in our services are stealing the heart of many people. We know our customers invest their in-depth faith and trust to us along with their hard-earned cash. Which is why we consistently put our customers first in our quality delivery strategy of our residential projects and leave no stone unturned to bring them exceptional living in our happy homes.


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