18 Nov-2020

How Has COVID-19 Pulled Millennials to Invest in The Realty Market

Posted onNov 18, 2020
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The demand for purchasing apartments among Indian millennials has improved compared with pre-pandemic stages. Millennials are those referring to the generation born between 1980 & 2000 are fast entering their prime spending years. Growing up in an age of quick change, they have a set of priorities & expectations that are completely different from those of the older generations. That is, they don't want cars & houses but just need fun & convenience. But now they start seriously thinking about owning a home with the best facilities around. So, it has been countersigned that even the current populace is getting ahead putting their hard-earned investment into a home since the lifestyle patterns are relied upon to change significantly after the pandemic stage ends.? This rising demand is in part being driven by millennials expecting reduced mobility in the forthcoming as work from home culture takes hold, along with an increasing sentiment swing towards savings and asset making post-pandemic. So definitely, the pandemic has made them realise the significance of owning a home instead of leasing one. Owning a home has consistently been a crucial portion of the investment plan, and under new typical rules, purchasers are seeing a value proposition for investing in the realty market. Read on to find out reasons that pulled millennials to invest in real estate.

Opted for Owning Rather Than Lease for Getting A Lifetime of Comfort

When you spend for a property you don?t own & you don?t create equity. Eventually, your money is raising your landlord?s assets and future, not your own. Owning a home is a clever way to build lifelong wealth. Although purchasing a house can be costly initially, if you factor in the expenses connected with renting, owning your own home will truly end up cheaper in the long run.?? As well, now the outbreak of Covid-19 has insisted on the value of a safe & the reliable home that creates a lifetime of comfort. Usually, the 25-40 age group, who did not give much preference to purchasing a home because it provided them with the flexibleness to shift jobs and hop cities, is now more than ever serious of having a physical asset. The reason more millennials are interested in investing in property for self-use is that it is now much more affordable to purchase a house and deals are accessible in the market.

Historic Home Loan Rates

Now the home loan charges are at historic lows, the calibrated resume to the economy of India sees a flood of enquiries from the potential homegrown as well as NRI home buyers. Taxation profits on repayment of home loans add to the dealings being too good to resist. Falling interest rates attract less interest earned on bank fixed deposits in comparison to the rental profits earned in real estate investment and besides enjoy the profits of capital appreciation.

Returning NRI?s

Real estate will be assured for both end-users and investors in the post-pandemic world. Millennials living in rental houses have understood the worth of being in their own apartments while NRIs encountering challenging times in their present domiciles are staring at constructing a house when they return in India. The size of the NRI investor market is now large in the affordable and mid-segment housing section. The falling rate of the rupee & the present situation increases NRIs interest in buying residential property in their hometown.

Work from Home Impact

Recently there witnessed a substantial rush in the number of young people looking to purchase a home for end-use during the pandemic as mortgage rates are low & work-from-home is a new reality. The necessity for additional or extra space for home offices is on the rise, with the necessity for more well-planned designs. The importance of business centres, common amenities, and more open spaces will be an integral part of the new demand criteria in the post-COVID-19 world.


Due to this pandemic real estate is witnessing a tremendous change in consumer behaviour. Owning a house is now seen as a priority in the context of safe & secure investment. This will steer intensified demand for homes, as the economy sees a calibrated resume. If you are looking for a right builder to start your investment, then here is your right choice, Varma Homes, the best builder in Kerala. We have our best top-notch quality apartments in major cities of God's own country like Kochi, Trivandrum & Thrissur. Check out our unparalleled apartments, we are certain that you will be mesmerized. Invest your dream home with us, once you invest, you will have a long-term asset that will have value at any time. Take a browse through our website for more information on our ongoing apartment projects.


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