05 Oct-2018

Let's Join Hands to Reconstruct a New Kerala

Posted onOct 05, 2018
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Yes, it is true that the unexpected flood badly affected the beauty, peace, economy and heritage of the God?s own country. More than 350 people lose their life, many are displaced and huge loss of infrastructure are caused due to this flood. The magnitude and intensity of the floods, landslides in Kerala are very large. But the major consequences of this disaster is the realisation that the obligation of taking maintenance and care of the security and safety respites straight on individuals themselves. Many people, organizations, institutions and countries open their hand and heart to support Kerala to overcome this terrific situation. It revealed the element that the people are more generous and charitable than we thought. So it gives a renewed hope for building a wealthy future in the midst of divisiveness and hatred.

Efforts are now under process to make a new Kerala with the fresh start to rehabilitee all the victims, rebuilding the air, road connectivity and also the whole affected areas. Varma Homes is always dedicated to constructing happiness since rehabilitation is a prolonged process we plan to keep our service and offers that should be favourable to our victims and also for the creation of the new Kerala. We are the pioneers for establishing delicate lifestyle with our brand new apartment and flat projects across all the cities in Kerala.

We assured you that we are capable to present you another world of fulfilment, security through our finest apartments and luxury villas within the affordable prices to the customers. Varma homes set a benchmark for satisfying their client?s expectations and requirements. We already raised our hand to contribute our donations to the rebuilding of Kerala with our latest affordable services and projects.

Varma Homes Join hands to the Comeback of Kerala

Kerala recently faced the worst flood in the century and the daunting chore of reconstruction and rehabilitation from floods mock-ups a huge challenge. During this crisis, people showed a great resilience and also displays the emulate power of Kerala to the world. A unity of action is discovered throughout this crisis time. All divisions, regardless of religion, politics, creed, caste, gender, and business worked collectively to pull up Kerala.

Our projects mainly spread across various cities in Kerala like Trivandrum, Thrissur, and Kochi. All our projects in these locations were not affected by this flood. We also made all necessary precautions to protect our projects from this natural disaster. Since we are always committed to deliver our services in terms of quality and worth beyond business profits, we also pitched this crucial time of Kerala with wholeheartedly and generously. We definitely play our role for the comeback of Kerala by putting innovative ideas and projects for encouraging and backing the rebuilding efforts of the whole state. Since the Government main motto is to not only limit to the restoration of Kerala to the pre-flood times but also to create a thriving path towards the new emerging Kerala. For this, we are interested to offer our services to the minimized costs or in discount amount for distributing our apartments to the right victims.

It is true that Kerala is receiving huge support and love from the world?s each corner and nook. So it is our pleasure to be a part of this rebuilding process of Kerala by our smallest contributions. Since we are the best builders in Kerala and we are dedicated to promising the noble class of living to our clients with our goodwill and promptness of our projects. We centre on earning the trust and confidence of our customers and to advance the supreme with our best facilities. We understand the great responsibility of us towards customers, society and country.

Our creation of latest projects continues with the advanced innovative living amenities to our most valuable customers. Our capable workforce tuned our client?s dream apartments and villas into reality along with our latest mission for the rebuilding of a novel and fresh Kerala. We hope this nobility will continue in future as our firm emphasis on quality and value.

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