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How does Varma Homes choose the best materials to build your dream home?

Materials are the solution to a well-functioning building, as an excellent structure can only be achieved with high-quality materials. When you buy a house or a flat, it is essential to have clear information regarding the quality of the products used at the time of booking. The materials used have a significant impact on the construction quality. The choice of building materials will determine the ultimate durability, longevity, and style of the building. That is where Varma Homes reigns high as the top builder in Kerala.


At every step of construction, Varma Homes ensures quality to build a dream home because we value customer happiness above all. It can be difficult to choose the best product option for diverse needs. Therefore, in the construction industry, material selection is an important part as a number of aspects must be considered. As a trusted building partner in Kerala, projects of Varma Homes achieve optimal results by selecting a product or brand that mainly focuses on the following factors:

1.    Supreme quality: Only high-grade materials are sought after for all our projects, and hence we choose a brand that serves this purpose. These supreme products are capable of adapting to the varied climatic conditions without degenerating. The materials we select ensure the longevity and strength of the building structure, thereby becoming a profitable future asset for the user.


2.    Availability: Brands with readily available stocks are another major factor we prefer. The availability of materials determines the finishing time of a building. Locally obtainable materials are our time savers, through which our work gets smoothly completed. This is one of the reasons why we earned the title for completing 6 projects within a span of 5 years ahead of schedule.


3.    Cost: When searching for different types of construction materials, the prices have soared and always vary greatly. We believe that looking for the cheapest products is not always the best option because, if we don't consider their lifespan, we may end up having to restore them frequently, which is costly. We pick only construction materials that are both cost-effective and will last a long time.


4.    Service: A great product gains our trust and we would vouch for it in the future too. Service is a pivotal aspect that strengthens a project from its inception to completion. As success is a combined effort, we opt for materials that provide us with the best service. By doing so, we have risen to great heights.


When we choose vendors certain other points are taken into account such as:

1.    On-time delivery: We only work with vendors who deliver products on time, every time. Even minor project delays might result in dissatisfied consumers and financial losses. As a result, we only work with vendors who produce products on time to avoid delays in our work.


2.    Wide selection of materials: A great vendor would have a wide variety of items and supplies on hand. This way, we can get all of the goods we need in one place. This helps us save time by eliminating unnecessary delays in procuring from various providers for various projects.


3.    Proven experience: Using a supplier who hasn't been around for a long time is always a risk. That is why we take care to collaborate with vendors who have extensive experience in this industry.


Senior managers and the sales team of Varma Homes are involved in deciding on the brand or material for a project. We choose the final brand or material only after considering their suggestions. The most important thing is that we never cut corners on material quality to save money. During the material selection process, the purchase department of Varma Homes places the greatest emphasis on this element.


Sustainable Initiatives

Extensive experience has shown us how much waste is generated in the construction of not only buildings, but any structure for that matter. We intend to employ every component that goes into construction cautiously and properly in our projects for a productive cause. We also have an IGBCE LEED Certificate in this area.


Since its inception, Varma Homes has effectively established itself as one of Kerala's most trusted builders. We started with residential developments in Kochi and then expanded to Trivandrum and Thrissur. Our main launches will take place in Calicut and other major cities in the near future. It is our full-time goal to provide the best value and service in our price range, and we've succeeded time after time. It is because we believe in constructing happiness for everyone by fulfilling their dream abode.

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