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Apartment living in Kerala, Kerala

Having a spare space is really nice to have in these days of apartments. If you just bought an apartment where 3 bedrooms, and if you have only 3 members in your family including you, wife and a kid and you actually require only 2 bedrooms and one remains as a spare. So if you have any plan of making your spare room in an active one, it can be a little difficult to decide what you can do with your extra space.? Sometimes it may depend on your lifestyle, budget, your likings, hobbies, etc. Let?s take a look at the different ways that we can use it in an interesting way.

A Dressing Room Or Walk-In Closet- If you have an extra room and an overflowing wardrobe then you can create that dreamy, beautiful walk-in closet and dressing room combo that you have seen in movies. The best part is that it is simply easier than you thought. You can transform your small bedroom into a dressing room with just a few items and repurposing.

Home Office-Transform your extra bedroom into a home office which is the best idea to keep all your office-related files and supplies together for the quick access. However, transforming this spare bedroom into an office room can be a bit challenging. But you can make it as the most out of the space with the carefully selected furniture and interiors to keep away from feeling cramped or cluttered.

A Craft Room- If you have hobbies like sewing, jewerly making, scrapbooking or any other similar hobbies, a dedicated craft room may be exactly what you need. So you can transform your spare room into a craft room by putting essential supplies like a large table, wall shelving etc.

Music Room- If you are a musician, you may definitely know about amplifiers, instrument stands, speakers, sheet music, instruments that accumulate. What a delight to have a sole room for this. You can also include window treatments, rug and any kind of upholstered furniture to help with sound buffering.

Reading Room - If you are looking for a quiet, comfortable place to relax with a good book in your home, then you can use your spare bedroom for this purpose. For this you want a comfortable chair, a good reading lamp, small bookshelf and if you need to go further, paint the walls with a new color and put accessories, throw pillows and artwork.

Exercise Room ? Convert a spare bedroom with exercise equipment and wall-mounted television. Whatever maybe your work out choice, your extra bedroom is a good place to burn some calories. You can invest punch bag or a treadmill for getting relief from your day to day hectic life. During your work out session, you can watch your favorite show which will definitely give you a much more pleasant experience.

Yoga Or Meditation Room- If you have a spare room that is going unused, change that space into a dedicated personal space for yoga or meditation room. It needs less equipment than transforming it into a traditional home exercise room. It is one of the easiest of all at a minimum, one just needs to clear out all distracting furniture and lay down your yoga mat. If you want to go further, paint the walls a new color to transform it as tranquil or relaxed space. For getting bolder, you can put natural elements, small decorative fountain, landscape painting, etc. all these can add a great ambiance to the room.

So whether you had the luxury of spare space in your apartment, you can adopt these ways to transform it beautifully. If you are looking for a 2BHK or 3BHK apartment in the prime localities of Kerala like Trivandrum, Thrissur & Kochi. You can contact Varma Homes, the top real estate builder in Kerala. Enquire now for the best possible deal, great experiences are just around the corner!!!

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