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Busting the Myths About Apartment Living

Posted onMay 27, 2021
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Apartment living in Kerala, Kerala

Everyone has biased opinions of apartment living. In fact, it has diverse perks that differ from the living of an independent house. Well here are some common myths circulating about apartment living in general. Fortunately, these are just those myths! However, the truth is, an apartment is a better option than an independent house in several ways. Take a look at common myths about apartment living that need to be busted.

Myth#1: Lacks Social Life

Many accept that apartment tenants favor keeping to themselves & that individuals are not friendly. It's really funny when individuals assume occupants in apartments are excessively straight confronted and are probably going to mind their own interests.??But in reality, luxury apartments have a wide range of amenities to keep the sporty vibe in the premises going. Right from ultra-luxurious clubhouses to complete health and sportive conveniences, they have everything. So apartments with an extensive amount of amenities promote social living and make everybody a part of a close-knit society.

Myth#2: Not Convenient

This is one of the greatest wrong misguided judgments about apartment living.??Whereas apartments come with different conveniences to guarantee a serene & happy life for occupants. Be it maintenance or security, apartments are prepared to offer the best of metropolitan living. ?

Myth#3: There Is No Privacy

Apartments these days are created with much more consideration about the living experience than any time before. They are designed in such a means to guarantee the total privacy of families living inside. They are signified to give a hotel-like feel to the homes with no/minimum common walls within the apartments, soundproof walls, and a lot more customized conveniences to ensure privacy.

Myth#4: Too Expensive

Individuals will in general consider apartment living as a costly issue when contrasted with autonomous houses. In any case, apartments make a commendable investment guaranteeing quality living will all the essential conveniences. From swimming pools to 24 hours security, apartment living makes life simple.

Myth#5: Not Sufficient Space

Oftentimes when individuals hear the word 'apartment', they promptly think about a shabby, confined living space with no storage alternatives.??Actually, numerous luxury apartments have a ton to offer in storage terms. Search for homes with spacious balconies, open-plan living, higher than normal roof heights & so on, where there is no question of space shortage. There we can find functional design elements such as separate laundry spaces, natural light, ventilation, and much more.

Myth#6: Not As Safe As Independent Homes

Basically, all apartments are provided with 24 hours security & CCTV surveillance of premises to guarantee the wellbeing and security of the inhabitants. Hence these are really more secure than independent houses which have the least security around the premises. Furthermore, the vehicles too have much greater and optimized space & safety in the car parking area of apartment premises, which is more protected than a car park in the garage of an independent house.


In a nutshell,

Perhaps the main thing you ought to get from this is that things that may appear obvious aren't factual. In fact, investing in luxury apartments can definitely be a great deal.??But when managing your purchase of an apartment you should make an honest effort to research as much you can. Before focusing on the right apartment project to purchase, guarantee that you pick a renowned & reliable real estate builder with a good track record & reputation. As a home purchaser, it is your privilege and duty to check if the builder has enlisted the project with RERA & so on.

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