20 Jul-2018

Consider location before purchasing a property

Posted onJul 20, 2018
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Whether if you are an expert property investor or a first-time homebuyer, the purchasing decision process for a property involves both time and energy. And when your desired location is in one of the booming real estate markets like Kochi Metropolitan area centred around the city of Kochi, then even more time and energy is required.

Kochi?s real estate market is very active nowadays and with its price fluctuating, one need to conduct a thorough research on the ideal locations, metro connectivity, traffic volume, infrastructural development and the changing market trends; when purchasing a property in Kochi. During the research, one will get to know the importance of a convenient location very clearly.

Indeed, the above mentioned factors play a vital role in the property purchasing process in the metro city. So before you actually settle down on one property, interact with the best real estate developers and validate the various other factors.

Paying an adequate attention to these factors, while purchasing a property can make your living easy in Kochi and if ignored, these can become the reason for your inconveniences and losses. And shortlisting the properties at strategic locations can also offer best returns, if you are someone who prefer investing in.

If we discuss more specifically about the most developing areas of the Kochi city i.e. Edappally and Thripunithura, and if the locations are chosen wisely for new luxury apartments, it will prove advantageous in many ways.

If you have chosen the location according to your investment plans which is just for a shorter period of time, then it is highly advised to purchase a property located in a developed area or an area which is in its development phase.

But if the investment plan is for a longer period of time, then there is absolutely no harm in opting for residential projects in Kochi as the locations are likely to develop at a faster pace in the near future.

For those who have a joint family and are planning to purchase a property for their own personal use, then they are greatly recommended to seek for a location which can cater to everyone?s need.

Those who live with young children can select a location which is neighbouring to renowned schools or other educational institutions, famous amusement parks and popular shopping malls in Kochi.

And if your family consists of old parents, then choosing a location which is proximate to well-known hospitals, 24 hours pharmacy, temples, etc. will be a nice option. For the working class family members, the use of metro can save both your time and money when commuting to work.

Varma Maalika and Varma Regent of Varma Homes, the most reputed builders in Kochi are the ready to move flats in Cochin accessibly erected in the most developing and prime residential areas of Kochi city. Both these carefully built apartments have already received an overwhelming response from the public.

The 2 & 3 BHK luxury apartments of Varma Maalika in Thripunithura, exactly positioned at S.N. Junction is close to almost everything. This ready to occupy apartment is just 200 meters from Metro Station. The place is connected to temples, shopping malls, schools like Bhavans, Choice & Chinmaya and connectivity to mini bypass & the seaport - airport road.

Varma Regent?s luxury flats in Edappally is adjacent to all the prominent healthcare centres, hangout spots and other major commercial developments. Apart from the nearness to Lulu Mall, its easy access to Metro Station is an additional benefit of Varma Regent.

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