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Factors to consider when choosing residential areas in Trivandrum

Posted onMar 24, 2024
Top Residential Areas in Trivandrum, Trivandrum

Trivandrum, being the capital of Kerala, is a bustling city with many important government offices, institutions, and corporate organizations. It is also home to the largest dedicated IT park, Technopark, which hosts several startups and leading IT companies. All these have boosted the need for quality living spaces in the city.

If you’re considering buying a home here, you need to evaluate many factors, including the location. Here’s what the best residential areas in Trivandrum should have:


When you have a family, you have to make sure that the locality you are choosing is a safe one. They may enjoy all the trappings of safety within the building premises, but it should be just as safe outside, so that children or seniors are able to walk about without fear. Make enquiries and scope out the place on your own too.


Each city has areas that are expensive, cheap, and medium costly. Homes in posh areas are likely to attract more taxes, and of course, the cost of the house itself will be higher. Similarly, shops and restaurants etc. in such areas are also likely to be upmarket and expensive. Look for an area that fits your budget.


Make sure that the area you are considering to settle down in, is clean. Localities with trash lying around are bound to be breeding grounds for diseases. You obviously don’t want to expose your family to health risks. Also check the pollution levels and air quality in the area.

Essential Services

The top residential areas in Trivandrum are sure to have plenty of stores which sell groceries and other household necessities. This is a must-have, so that you don’t have to commute long distances for these essentials. Moreover, nearby stores may also be ready to deliver even small orders to your doorstep.

Healthcare Facilities

An ideal residential area should have primary and emergency healthcare facilities like clinics or nursing homes where you can get urgent attention. Pharmacies, labs, and other diagnostic services are also good to have.

Facilities for Little Children

Families with very young kids should prefer areas that have playschools, kindergartens etc nearby. They should not have to commute far to avail these facilities. It is also easier to reach them in case of any emergency. It would also be good if there were parks and/or playgrounds in the locality where children can play and get exercise in the outdoors. A huge bonus would be if there are any sports coaching centres also present.

Suburbs Or City Area

What sort of living area do you prefer - a crowded one with all the hustle and bustle, lots of people, traffic, sounds etc; or a quieter place, fewer people and shops, more green space, and overall more peaceful? This completely depends on individual preference.


Ideally, the residential area you choose should be easily accessibly by road; should you need to go anywhere in an emergency, you should not get delayed. Easily accessible areas also are more convenient if you don’t have your own transportation. It should be a place where you can get buses, autos, etc.


Now that you know what factors you need to consider while choosing a locality to purchase your home is, we hope you also understand why these factors are important.

The best residential areas are those that fit your budget, offer you the kind of lifestyle you want, and of course, give you comfort and convenience.

Varma Homes projects in Trivandrum are located in the best residential areas; come and see for yourself, and you will find that all the above conditions have been fulfilled.

Varma Homes is a reputed builder in Kerala, and has earned a name as a high-quality, reliable, and honest builder with transparent dealings. 

Varma Homes offers premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Sreekaryam and Kazhakkoottam, equipped with world-class amenities to elevate your living style.


What are the key factors to consider when choosing a residential area in Trivandrum?

The key factors include security, expense, cleanliness, access to essential services, healthcare facilities, facilities for young children, whether the area is in the suburbs or city center, and accessibility by road for convenience in commuting and emergencies.

Why is it important to choose a residential area with good security in Trivandrum?

Good security is crucial for the safety of family members, allowing children and seniors to move about freely without fear, both within the building premises and in the surrounding area.

How do Varma Homes ensure their projects in Trivandrum meet the needs of prospective homeowners?

Varma Homes projects in Trivandrum are located in the best residential areas, offering premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments with world-class amenities. These projects fulfill the essential criteria of a good residential area, including security, cleanliness, accessibility, and proximity to essential services and healthcare, ensuring a high-quality, comfortable, and convenient living experience.

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