28 Feb-2022

How does Varma Homes always complete projects ahead of time?

Posted onFeb 28, 2022
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With your busy lives flying by, what you wish for everyday is to have more time at your disposal. So when an expression such as "on time" appears with regards to your dream project, won?t you just jump ahead? But when buying a brand new apartment, there are two prime points that you must take into account: the time of completion and the quality of your unit. For this purpose, getting to know the detailed completion history of the builders you assign as well as the steps they take to ensure the quality and safety of your home is very crucial.


Readiness is the key

At Varma Homes we have driven "ahead of time" to realise and make dreams a reality. With years of experience in the construction field, we have vowed to deliver the best apartment projects across Kerala. The technical team at Varma Homes works round the clock to plan and execute assignments ahead of schedule. And advancing beforehand does not mean compromising the values and standards we have set forth as a team. We have successfully completed 6 projects within a span of 5 years prior to the expected time.


Talented workmanship

With our skilled consultant team, that includes architects, structural engineers, PCP, fire and safety, etc., we go the extra mile to implement competitive plans with keen foresight. Because of our professional approach and a passionate stance, we were able to confront challenges with ease. We have ensured that the highest quality products are produced at all stages. This is done through check-lists, proper staff training, and examining that the preferred commitment is thoroughly brought about in every aspect of the apartment.


KRERA - Prospering the real estate future

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 was enacted by the Indian government, and the Kerala government established the Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority (KRERA) to regulate and promote the real estate business in the state. KRERA is the latest champion for the real estate sector, promoting accountability, citizen-centric policies, and improved financial discipline, all while protecting the consumer's interests. We at Varma Homes understand buyer?s requirement & concerns therefore all of our projects from the year 2019, are K-RERA approved, following the industry norms and is delivering as per given commitments. We consider RERA as an opportunity to comply with a rule that warrants the hard-earned investment of many.


Varma Homes has successfully established itself as one of the most trusted builders in Kerala since its foundation. We began with residential projects in Kochi and have since expanded to Trivandrum and Thrissur. Our significant launches will take place in Calicut and other major cities very soon. We've made it our full-time objective to create the best service and quality in our price range, and we've done so consistently. At Varma Homes, we have no stalled projects, because of our belief in constructing happiness both deep within our team and for our stakeholders. 

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