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How RERA benefits make buying an apartment the safest thing for you now?

Posted onMay 19, 2022
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It is possible that, as a first-time buyer while deliberating on purchasing a dream abode, choosing an apartment will cause you to second-guess your thoughts. After all, it's your hard-earned money and the secure future of your family that?s on line. There was once a time when different builders had different standards and principles applied to the purchase of an apartment, stirring confusion among home buyers. This is the reason why the Indian government brought about a revolutionary change in 2016 to safeguard the interests of existing and potential buyers. 


The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act was enacted in 2016 and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) was born. The Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority (KRERA) was founded by the Kerala government to regulate and enhance the real estate industry in the state. KRERA is the new real estate champion, supporting accountability, citizen-centric policies, and greater financial discipline while defending the rights of investors. This Act is a sigh of relief for consumers as it makes real estate dealings transparent.


Here are the positive RERA ACT benefits for why you can confidently buy an apartment now:

?     Exposure to comprehensive information

One of the most essential benefits of RERA for house buyers is the right to property information. You get thorough information about the property that you are purchasing as a home buyer. When it comes to making prospective selections, this type of knowledge can be quite useful to a purchaser. The developer or builder should share with you all the project information, such as the layout plan, building phases, action plan, and completion status.


?     A normalised carpet area

The carpet area, or the area of the apartment apart from the width of the inner walls, is the space that can actually be covered by a carpet. Prior to the RERA Act, builders used their own technique or calculation for estimating the carpet area of a unit or property. RERA, on the other hand, has codified or standardised how a builder determines the carpet area. As a result of the RERA Act's implementation, a builder must now specify how much carpet space they are providing. Property prices in India are now determined by carpet area.


?     No more holdups in projects

The possession date for each flat must be specified by the property developer. The developer will face a flurry of penalties if the project is not completed by the deadline. If the developer fails to deliver on the specified date, the buyer has the option of either withdrawing from the project and receiving a complete refund, including interest, or continuing to work on it and receiving reimbursement and interest.


?     Control over advances

One of the great benefits of RERA is that a builder cannot charge more than 10% of the cost of the flat as an advance or application fee before entering into a sales agreement.


?     Flaws are held responsible

If a buyer discovers any flaw or problem in the structure, quality, or service of the flat within 5 years of ownership of the flat, the builder is required to rectify the deficiency within 30 days at no additional cost under the RERA Act. The buyer would be able to claim compensation if the builder failed to correct the fault.


?     Mending broken promises

The buyer has the right to litigate if the builder's obligations or promises regarding the actual project do not match. The buyer then has the right to decline the projects and receive a full refund of the initial deposit, plus interest and compensation.


?     Approval before selling off

Builders may have sold projects without the necessary permission in the past. This is not the case under RERA now. Builders and real estate brokers will be obliged to register with the authorities, providing every detail about their projects, and only then will they be permitted to sell them after receiving the necessary approval.


?     Prohibition to deviate funds

Typically, a developer will be working on multiple projects at the same time. They used to be able to divert funding between projects as they pleased. After the implementation of RERA, this will no longer be possible. The builder must set aside 70% of the project's proceeds in a separate bank account. He can only withdraw money from such an account after the project has been completed and certified by a civil engineer, an architect, and a practising chartered accountant. Because the funds can no longer be diverted to other projects or used for other purposes, they will be used for their intended purpose.


?     Fast track grievance redressal

Complaints against a builder can be brought to the state body established under RERA, which will have the jurisdiction to resolve all. If you disagree with the order, you may appeal to the Appellate Tribunal, which will resolve your case within 60 days. It will keep track of the reasons for any failure to do so also.


The Varma Promise

We at Varma Homes understand the buyer?s requirements and concerns. Therefore, all of our projects from the year 2019 are KRERA approved, following the industry norms, and are delivered as per our given commitments. We consider RERA as an opportunity to comply with a rule that warrants the hard-won endeavours and investments of many. If you aspire to buy an apartment in Kerala, Varma Homes is all set to take you ahead.


We are a renowned real estate builder who specialises in providing accessible residential properties. You can select from a variety of alternatives to meet your needs and budget. We started with residential construction in Kochi and have since expanded to Trivandrum and Thrissur. Our major launches will be coming soon in Calicut and other important cities. Choose the option that best meets your requirements! For additional information, please contact us at 9645 88 33 33.

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