18 Nov-2022

Is Buying an Apartment a Good Investment in Kochi?

Posted onNov 18, 2022
by by Ajmal T V
Kochi, Real Estate Investment Strategies in Kochi

Kochi is quickly becoming one of Kerala's most popular real estate and builders' destinations. Now Kochi, a tier 2 city, currently offers an ultra-modern lifestyle in addition to being one of India's most prominent IT hubs. Real estate is growing not only in the residential sector, but also in the commercial sector, as the city expands with cutting-edge shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings. If you are looking to buy apartments in Kochi, this is a good choice since it is easily accessible by road, rail, boat, and air from anywhere in the globe, resulting in the expansion of businesses and infrastructure in the area.

Purchasing flats or apartments in Kochi, whether as an asset or an investment, is a major decision that requires careful consideration. When looking for a place to call home, one of the most important factors we consider is location. We all want to buy our ideal flat or apartment, complete with all of the current amenities.

Benefits of Buying Flats in Kochi

There are a lot of benefits to buying flats in Kochi, Luxury flats and apartments are the main trends seen in Kochi City, and most of them are located near the Kochi metro stations and important towns in Ernakulam.

Kochi has some of the most reputable schools in the country. There are various international schools and institutions in the city that provide top-quality education. Now Kochi is a growing IT hub, with Info Park and Smart City, offering several job opportunities. And major services like hospital facilities, Uber services, and supermarket services are also accessible in Kochi. Families can also get great satisfaction from buying flats in Kochi because they can spend weekends in Lulu mall or other famous malls in Kochi, and also Kochi metro is there for their travelling purpose.

In terms of investment, Kochi is a fast-growing city with limitless potential, and the need for apartments will always be on the rise.

Smooth Connectivity

Kochi has excellent connectivity thanks to the availability of all modes of transportation, including road, train, air, and water. With the introduction of the Kochi Metro Rail, the city's transportation has become even more beneficial. Kochi is the first Tier-II city to have an operational Metro Rail. Kochi's international airport terminal links the city to countries worldwide as well as Indian cities. Kochi is the preferred city for investors due to the availability of natural resources and excellent infrastructures, such as a large number of international and domestic flights, a modern and efficient airport, and a growing number of luxury and mid-range hotels situated in the city and adjoining districts.

Vibrant Lifestyle

The city has the most thriving lifestyle in the state, with malls and a multitude of entertainment, culinary, and recreational opportunities that are very attractive and mainstream. Kochi is one of Kerala's most popular tourist destinations due to its exposure to world-renowned athletic engagements, fashion exhibitions, and trade shows. Kochi is an emerging travel destination for many of the world's top vacation destinations. Kochi is also a desirable retirement location due to its temperate climate, beautiful coastline, and low cost of living.

Return on Investment

The growth of the real estate market is attributable to the course of time, which gives you innovative and infinite ways to invest. Kochi has a shining vision down the road, with expansion and advancement that look compelling. Every investment is completely secure and will be good enough to justify it. Since India is a booming economy, it only tends to increase a property's rate of return. Selling it in the long term will only outweigh the investment cost. The longer an investment in Villas in Kochi Is retained, the more significant revenue is generated.

IT Hot Spot

India is in the initial phases of the tech revolution, and it is expected to speed up over the succeeding years. With the Infopark and SmartCity Campuses, the potent IT industry of the country has also made itself recognized in the city. Large multinational corporations (MNCs) from all over the world thrive here because the cost of doing business is low and workers are inexpensive. Homebuyers are also empowered in the emerging real estate market because builders in Kakkanad are constantly volunteering to think outside the box.

Ample Employment Opportunities

The swelling number of businesses in the city has presented residents with increased employment options. The Kakkanad technological cluster and the Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) have become appealing locations for enterprises and businesses seeking to establish their base in India. The proximity of well-developed transport infrastructure and a large population of potential customers and partners has made the city attractive for businesses seeking to expand or start-up. The presence of large foreign corporations in the city has provided a good platform for the growth of the local employment sector.


Kochi's real estate market is attractive for flat or villa owners due to the low cost of ownership. Countless renowned constructors produce magnificent apartments with creative designs and present them at fair rates. Flat or villa owners can choose from various layouts and interior designs, including ones with a swimming pool or rooftop terrace. While the market for apartments in other megacities is flooded with high-rises and luxury apartments, apartment complexes in Kochi are popular among the locals for their amenities, affordability, and comfort of living.

Tourism Hub

Kochi receives millions of tourists annually, which is crucial in adding significant value to the city's earnings. It has historical pertinence and is a popular attraction for its coastline, lush countryside, and watersheds. Kochi is also visited annually by domestic tourists for cultural celebrations and festivals. The city's aspiration to become a prominent vacation spot provides a pathway for the skyrocketing demand for the hospitality industry and its ancillary sectors. Furthermore, the proximity of large international airports and the growing popularity of cruise tourism make the city an attractive destination for international visitors. 

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