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Kochi Metro Extending to Chottanikara | More Opportunities in Real Estate Investments

Hey, here's the good news! Now the Kochi metro is extending to Chottanikara, an apartment in Chottanikara will be an added benefit for homebuyers. With mobility being diverted to the metro, convenience in commuting at Chottanikara would be hassle-free. Its proximity to the railway station, proposed municipal bus terminal and the easy access to seaport-airport road would be definitely an added advantage.  The Kochi Metro has upturned the brand image of Kochi and increased major investments; specifically in the real estate industry. The closeness to metro has become a key selling point for all the builders. It is indeed that owning property near a metro station has its own profits in terms of the future appreciation expected out of it.

 Are you right now confused about what will be the perfect place where you are right in the buzz of the city, yet apart from all the bustling rush? Well, consider Chottanikara. Here is why! We all know that Kochi is busy with traffic, business and whatnot. Your next home would ideally be far away from all these buzzes and yet should be within reach of the town. That is why Chottanikara is the best option. It offers you what noble lifestyle demands. The well-developed infrastructure, upcoming metro rail line for intra-city connectivity, a wide range of health care facilities, crowned with tourist places, the wide spectrum of business and job opportunities etc. are some of the reasons why Chottanikara is evolving into the most desired destinations of property buyers.

If you have any plan to buy an apartment tucked away from the busyness of the city and placed in the most tranquil living environ of Chottanikara then there awaits you Varma Homes Bougain Heights! It is 2BHK & 3BHK compact apartments near Thiruvankulam with all modern amenities. Altogether, it is simply the luxury behind comfortable living, soothing nature and excellent quality standards. Now the metro rail extending to Chottanikara boost housing demand and give you another reason to select Bougain Heights as your dream apartment near Thiruvankulam.

Let’s Check Out Other Reasons Why You Should Buy This Bougain Heights

Fresh Air, Unpolluted Water & Close to Nature-Away from the din & bustle of the city, Bougain Heights brings a peaceful life amidst the blessings of nature. Here, the hypnotizing views of lush green surroundings instill calmness in mind, and the wind that carries fresh cool air is a refreshing presence. Above all, this land of idyllic magic gives you unpolluted groundwater & is a true green paradise amongst apartments in Kochi.

Proximity to Major Industrial Hubs-Bougain Heights located near Thiruvankulam, a small town within city limits but having all privacy of a village atmosphere. It is close to the major industrial hubs of the city like Cochin Refineries, IOC, and HPCL. This makes Thiruvankulam a preferred locality for buyers specifically for the professionals working in these respective industries.

Richness of Both Culture & Heritage- The richness of both culture & heritage in Chottanikara oozes through the nook and corner of the city making it a coveted travel and tourist destination. This also makes a worthy reason for you to purchase your next home here if you are the kind who love a bit of culture and heritage and want it to be part of your everyday life.

Good Accessibility- Here getting around is never a hassle. It has excellent connectivity to the seaport - airport road, mini bypass, & other transit modes. Also has proximity to all modern needs like schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets etc. The real estate potentials of this place are highly striking which makes a superb choice for a person looking for an apartment in Kochi along with investment interests.

Tech Town Is Just Around the Corner- There is no doubt that Infopark, the IT hub of Kochi, is one of the reasons why the young generations are migrating to settle down in Kochi. It is located near to Thiruvankulam being just under 10 Kms is the perfect location for all techies looking to settle down.

Residential Township- This is blessed with a strategic locality and has a lot to offer as a residential zone. Combined with continuously improving social infrastructure, residential layouts and gated communities make Thiruvankulam a thriving residential hot spot in Kochi to live peacefully and to invest in the future.

The whole town is placed so perfectly that it is always not too busy & at the same time, not too detached. Isn't that what we all need? So to own a home in Chottanikara, visit Varma Homes – the top builders in Kerala who deliver projects on time and build top-quality apartments in Kerala with a good finish.

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