20 Feb-2024

How to Maximize Kitchen Storage in an Apartment in Thrissur

Posted onFeb 20, 2024
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The kitchen is a very important place in an Indian home - families are brought together by food, after all. In the olden days, kitchens used to be huge, with a fire continuing in the hearth all day long. If you check the real estate market trends in Thrissur, you’ll see that most people live in flats, thanks to the increased prevalence of nuclear families. This means smaller kitchens built in the western modular style, to simplify apartment maintenance. However, our food habits have not changed significantly. Kerala-style breakfast especially calls for several different types of utensils, coconut grater, and so on.

How will you manage to store all of this in a small apartment kitchen? Today we share a few tips to make the most of available kitchen space.

Organize your utensils

Indian cooking involves different types of utensils - tavas, chattys, puttu maker, pots, and so on. Categorize your utensils and store them accordingly in the kitchen drawers. This also makes retrieving the right utensil quick and easy. Similarly, organize your ladles and other serving spoons in one drawer using separators, and have a place for lids as well. Storage containers whether steel or plastic, also deserve a separate space where they can be neatly stacked.

Install Carousels

These should ideally be in the hard-to-reach corners inside your cabinets; carousels can be simply rotated or turned by hand so that you not only utilize the far corners, but easily retrieve items stored there. 

Use the Wall

Install magnetic strips to hold your knives so that they don’t clutter the platform space. Extra shelves close to the hob can hold your frequently used items like oils, spices, tea, coffee, sugar, salt etc. a small hanging stand for your rolling board and pin is also a good idea. 

Use Pull-out Shelves

Install them vertically so that it saves space. These shelves are capable of holding a lot of stuff; you can put your pickles, sauces, snacks, and even extra groceries.

Compact Appliances

No kitchen is complete today without appliances like toaster, microwave, mixer-blender, griller and others. Make sure you invest in compact appliances, and store the ones you don’t use frequently, like toaster, griller, etc. Install your microwave and oven on the wall, below your cabinets, to save platform space.

Stackable Containers

Stackable containers are a great space-saving option. Use similar type of containers for each type of grocery, like dals, flours, and so on.

Mutli-use Furniture

Kitchen islands with storage underneath, and a grill/mesh top that can be used to hang saucepans and pans, tables that can also be used for food prep, small stools that can be used to reach items on top as well as to sit, etc.

Sink Area Storage

Use the space under the sink to store cleaning materials like dishwash, detergents, scrubs, floor cleaners, and drain cleaners. You can also fix racks or shelves on the doors to store kitchen cloths and dusters.

Mop Storage

Earmark a space to store brooms, mops, and buckets used for mopping; these should not be visible but easily accessible.


This is not a comprehensive list. If you have any clever design ideas for tiny homes in Thrissur, do let us know in the comment box. 

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  • What are some effective ways to organize kitchen utensils in a small apartment?

Categorize your utensils and store them in kitchen drawers, using separators for ladles and serving spoons, and designate a specific place for lids. Stackable containers are also recommended for efficient storage.

  • How can I make use of hard-to-reach corners in my kitchen cabinets?

Install carousels in the corners of your cabinets to easily rotate and access items stored there, making full use of the available space.

  • What solutions can maximize wall space in the kitchen for storage?

Use magnetic strips to hold knives and install extra shelves near the hob for frequently used items like oils and spices. A small hanging stand for a rolling board and pin can also save space.

  • Are there any tips for choosing kitchen appliances for a small kitchen?

Invest in compact appliances and consider storing infrequently used ones. Mount microwaves and ovens on the wall below cabinets to save counter space.

  • How can I utilize the sink area and under-the-sink space for additional storage?

Utilize the space under the sink for storing cleaning supplies and fix racks or shelves on the doors for kitchen cloths and dusters. This optimizes storage while keeping these items out of sight but accessible.

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