29 Feb-2024

How to Maximize Kitchen Storage in an Apartment in Trivandrum

Posted onFeb 29, 2024
Real Estate Market Trends in Trivandrum, Trivandrum

Real estate market trends in Trivandrum reveal that more people choose to live in apartments now. So, it has become necessary to become innovative with utilizing the available space. Apartments are much smaller than the typical Kerala homes that most people were used to till now. This means smaller rooms, smaller kitchens, and differently designed and laid out kitchens. Today’s modular kitchens are not the best suited for Indian, and especially Kerala cooking. But by using some of our clever design ideas for tiny homes in trivandrum, you can continue to whip up the best puttu, appams, or fish fry.

Let’s see how we can use the small kitchen space to store all the different utensils required for Indian cooking.

Organize your utensils

You need griddles of all types - dosa tawa, chapati tava, appam chatty etc; then you have the puttu maker, idiyappam and idli stands, woks, saucepans, pots, and a whole range of ladles and spatulas and what not. Buy stackable pots so that you can save on space. Those that can’t be stacked, divide them into different categories and make sure you have installed trolleys and separators to store all of them properly. Most pans and pots have lids, store them securely too. Keep a separate space for containers whether steel or Tupperware

Utilize the Wall Space

That’s a lot of real estate that often gets ignored in kitchen organization, but there’s a lot you can do with it! Install hooks to hang cups, mugs, ladles, and kitchen cloths. Have shelves for your essentials like spices, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, and oils. Install magnetic strips to hold your knives; it ensures easy availability too. A small rack to keep your rolling pin and chapati board. 

Install Carousels

These are ideal for the kitchen cabinets where you have deep corners which are difficult to reach. You can spin or rotate them to find the items that are stored in them. It saves space and helps you use the available shelf space to the max.

Use Pull-out Shelves

This is an excellent apartment maintenance idea. Vertical pull-out shelves save space and are capable of storing a great deal - jams, sauces, squash bottles, pickles, snacks,cereal boxes, biscuits, and so on. 


Every home today has a number of appliances in the kitchen that make life easier. In old homes, there would be a huge wet grinder for the idli/dosa batter. It’s not possible to have such big appliances in today’s flats. Get compact appliances; smaller ones that do the job just as effectively. You can also place the microwave and oven in built-in shelves on the wall to save space.

Mutli-use Furniture

Get furniture that can be used for different purposes so that you don’t need to have many pieces. Having a kitchen island with storage above and below is a great idea. Foldable tables, stools for sitting and standing, all help save space.

Storing Cleaning Materials

Designate a space for your broom, mop, bucket or vacuum cleaner, and ensure they are accessible but not seen outside. Utilize the space under your sink to store detergents, dishwash bars and liquid, floor cleaners, and so on. Fixing caddies on the doors will help you store small items like dusters and scrubs too.


So you see that it's possible to have compact homes that let you have all the essential stuff you want - as long as you store it smartly. Organising your small kitchen is easy with Varma Homesapartments flats. Our kitchens are designed to help you store all the essential utensils and groceries that you may need to cook. Prestigious Varma Homes apartment buildings in Trivandrum enable you to have modular kitchens that serve traditional tastes. Explore the premium 2 and 3 BHK flats from Varma Homes in Trivandrum and elevate your lifestyle.


How can I organize a small kitchen in an apartment for Indian cooking?

Ans: Use stackable pots, install hooks and shelves for utensils and spices, and choose compact appliances.

What are some space-saving ideas for storing kitchen utensils and appliances in a small apartment?

Ans: Install magnetic strips for knives, use pull-out shelves for jars and bottles, and opt for multi-use furniture with storage.

How can I ensure my small kitchen is suited for traditional Kerala cooking?

Ans: Organize specific utensils like dosa tavas and appam chatties using smart storage solutions, and select compact versions of traditional appliances.

Can modular kitchens accommodate the needs of traditional Indian cooking?

Ans: Yes, with smart storage solutions and compact appliances, modular kitchens can efficiently accommodate traditional Indian cooking needs.

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