20 Jul-2018

Mistakes When Buying Ready To Move Apartments

Posted onJul 20, 2018
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Buying a new property can be a very challenging task, as for a newly constructing property you will have to work along with the?property builders. While buying a previously owned house, you can easily get enough and more information regarding it.

The flat builders with whom you have decided to work along or to buy your new flats from, make sure to get their complete details and do not forget to check the builders? background or previous construction history.

The following are the most common mistakes that people make when buying a new property:

1. Lack of Proper Research

The most fundamental step in buying a new property is research. Select a city based on your preference and make the basic enquiries about its vicinity, safety, infrastructure and development of the area in the near future, etc. The home-buyers have a tendency to listen to other?s opinions and forget to do this crucial step.

2. Consider Pros and Cons

Getting first-hand information is always better than relying upon secondary resources. Look for the lifestyle of the area to best suit you and your needs by checking the proximity to local markets, malls, schools and hospitals. These are the basic requirements to consider if you are planning to move in with your family.

Varma Maalika and Varma Regent of Varma Homes are the?ready to occupy flats in Ernakulam?which have already received an overwhelming response from the public. Both these carefully built apartments are accessibly erected in the prime residential areas of Ernakulam city.

The?new luxury apartments?of Varma Maalika in Thripunithura, specifically positioned at S.N. Junction is proximate to almost everything. The place is interconnected to temples, shopping malls, schools like Bhavans, Choice & Chinmaya; and connectivity to mini bypass, the seaport - airport road and more.

Varma Regent?s?luxury flats in Edappally?is nearby to all the prominent healthcare centres, famous educational institutions, popular hangout spots and other major commercial developments. Apart from the proximity to Lulu Mall, its easy access to Metro Station is an added advantage of Varma Regent.

3. Don?t go beyond your budget

Don?t forget about your financial status when buying a new property. Plan your budget accordingly and apply for a home-loan in advance to avoid any unpredictable financial crisis in the future.

This is just the right opportunity for you to purchase any of the under-construction projects progressing within the metro city limits. Under the?Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)?scheme, a home loan subsidy interest amount of Rs 2.67 lakhs is provided to the beneficiaries and the amount is credited to their loan account.

The Government of India is planning to drop the GST rate for property purchases with an aim to push demand, under the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) from 12% to 8%.

On booking Varma Homes, you can avail CLSS scheme under the PMAY on home loans and save upto 2.67 Lakhs (*Terms and conditions apply) and an additional 4% Goods and Services Tax (GST) deduction will also be available.

4. Verbal Promises

Don?t fall for the verbal promises of your?apartment builders, later on you may face the challenge of not having your dream home built the way you wanted it to be. So in order to avoid making such a mistake, visit the worksite personally during the construction and afterwards.

Varma Homes strives to uphold their promise ?Quality Assured Affordable Homes to All? in every residential venture that they undertake. It is the essence of their mantra ?Constructing Happiness?. The top?builders in Kochi?guarantees prompt delivery of their projects, as the motto of Varma Homes itself says ?Varma Promises Timely Delivery? and they also complete their projects on time.

For an instance, both Varma Regent and Varma Maalika, the?residential projects in Kochi?(Hurry up, only a few units left!) were not delayed, instead it were delivered well before the agreed dates and their present clients are immensely satisfied with their?ready to move flats in Cochin.

Always choose the most dependable and trustworthy?home builders?when buying a new property. Varma Homes is one of such reputed?builders in Cochin.

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