20 Jul-2018

Know About Piling in Building Construction

Posted onJul 20, 2018
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Varma homes have just started the piling process of our very new project Varma's Spectrum in Poochatty. Everyone has heard about the term - Piling from the construction industry. Being a committed builder who has been in the construction industry for more than a decade, team Varma is committed to provide you with information from the industry which is extremely essential for customers to do a quality check of the construction.


What is Piling ?

It?s much known fact that the foundation of any building need to be strong enough to bear the load which can be vertical as well as horizontal in the events of earthquakes, heavy winds and hydrostatic pressure. Things should be done with foresightedness where to avoid any damage or calamity to the buildings, foundation should be done considering diverse conditions. The texture of the soil and waterlogging nature can also become factors to create a strong foundation. A strong piling is required in such cases, where long structures made of steel, concrete or reinforced steel are driven deep into the soil which ensures an even distribution of building loads over a big surface area. It is much essential for residential building to ensure strength in areas where soil is loose, that is basically in river banks, sea shore and dried up water bodies. For commercial properties its highly recommended as the load will be higher and also in cases where soil is weak.

Advantages of piling

There are many advantages for the entire building construction if a strong piling is done. The piles can be created in any size or length which reduces the construction time which is done with much planning and reduces less supervision when compared to shallow foundations. Effective use of piling in building construction ensures that building can take more loads than regular foundations.

Types of piling

? End bearing piles
? Friction Piles
? Direct Mud Circulation Piles
? Rotary Piles
? Sand piles

A structural engineer of a building is the one who decides if there should be a pile foundation for your building. In most of the cases, its done for apartment projects and the type of piling solely depends on the number of floors and amenities in the same. A soil test is done to check the nature of soil including water content, salinity and corrosiveness which would determine the capacity of the soil.

Varma Homes ensures the best quality and enforces reliability in every projects that we do and ensure the best construction principles in all our sites.

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