31 May-2022

The most positive aspects of purchasing your apartment near a school

Posted onMay 31, 2022
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As a responsible parent, what you would sincerely strive for would be to attain a bright future for your kids. To achieve this, you might even go to the extent of admitting them to schools that are situated farther away. But at what expense? Long commutes, exhausted and cranky children, problems contacting you in an emergency, and so forth are only a few of the problems that could put your tolerance to the test. Consider how much time you could save and how much better your children's health would be if the school was closer.


It is always beneficial to consider properties and apartments that are close to prime amenities such as schools. Here are the major positive impacts that purchasing a flat near a school could bring you:

1.    Reserve the time & money spent on travel: A home within walking distance of your children's school is a boon, particularly for working parents. They can drop off their children on their way to work and avoid the morning traffic. Because of the close proximity, parents are not required to pay for a school bus service. Children can also choose to eat healthy, balanced meals cooked at home for lunch.


2.    Children are better protected: The police and municipal officials are clearly discernible in areas around schools and universities. Parents can rest assured that their children are safe and well-supervised. Staying near your children's school allows you to meet and interact with their friends and sometimes family as well. It's soothing to know they're in good hands.


3.    Mornings without squabbles: Parents strive every day to get their children to get up early and prepare for school. If you live near your children's school, you may all sleep in a little later and even have a leisurely breakfast. If the kids forget something, they can return home quickly and collect it. After all, school is only a short walk away.


4.    Kids gain more time & attention: Sitting for long hours in the school bus or any other means of transportation is tiring for your child in today's congested traffic. If they attend schools that are close to where you stay, they will arrive home earlier than usual. As a result, they have more time and energy to engage in play, develop hobbies, complete homework, and prepare for the next day's classes.


5.    Comparatively affordable living: The cost of living in neighbourhoods near schools is generally lower than in other locations. Homebuyers may find that a house near a school is more cheap than a comparable house in a different neighbourhood.


6.    Additional facilities close by: Nearby schools frequently have a public playground. You don't have to travel far to have a wonderful time with your children. Students can utilise adjacent playgrounds, swimming pools, and jogging tracks even on weekends, if provided.


7.    Improve future returns: Homebuyers usually seek out properties near schools. Many people are ready to pay a greater price for a home that is close to a good school for their children. Being close to a good school can enhance the value of your apartment, which is important for anyone planning to sell soon. Apartment prices are likely to rise in the coming years due to increased demand for housing near educational institutions.


8.    Inducing feelings of a community: When people reside near a school, they develop a sense of belonging to a community, which allows for a vibrant way of life amongst people.


Always keep in mind that the location is everything. Buying an asset inside a college location may be a big bonus if it's the proper kind and in an appropriate area near critical services and facilities.


Varma Spectrum - Luxury apartments close to Bhavan?s Vidya Mandir school

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