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Put Women's Safety First While Buying A New Home

Posted onNov 27, 2021
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Buying a new home in Kerala might seem like an easy task, but it is not. The concern of women's safety in the state has arisen after a series of incidents have taken place. In particular, those who intend to live with their children, wives, or aged parents have a hard time finding a good place to live. Take a look at these useful tips to consider before buying a home in Kerala without having to worry about safety concerns.

The Right Location

When it comes to purchasing a home, location is very important. Individuals are now looking for protected zones rather than relocating to an area with future possibilities for reward. It's possible that crime rates were greater in some locations. As a result, it is preferable to conduct extensive research about the location before making a buy. Factors such as robbery history, chain snatching instances, and enough street lighting, among others, can be taken into account. The most helpful areas are those that include commercial and residential properties. The majority of the time, houses near malls, training institutes, workplaces, and stores are packed, with a high level of security. As a result, most people prefer to live in such bustling areas where safety is always a top priority.

Prefer to Live In Groups

Living in any type of group housing, whether it's an apartment or a villa, can help you give your family enough security. To ensure that their tenants are safe at all times, a smart builder employs active and watchful ground employees as well as cleverly placed CCTV cameras. They restrict salespeople and other outsiders from entering the residential blocks, making these residences the greatest choice for families looking for a safe place to live.

Search for a Friendly Neighborhood

The neighborhood is one of the major factors for women's security as well as social harmony. If neighbors can connect with each other or if they communicate well, then it will be easier for them to report any kind of suspicious activity in the area. A friendly neighborhood also helps if an elderly mother or a person who lives alone has been in an accident about which no one is aware. As a result, single women living in houses need a good, friendly neighborhood.

Opt for Gated Communities

In terms of security, gated communities have gained a lot of traction in recent years. These types of property projects provide tenants with 24-hour security and all of the necessary amenities. Security cameras, station houses, police headquarters, and dog teams are all available in the region. Gated communities are popular among single-woman buyers.

Technology-Friendly Smart Homes

In today's world, having a technologically advanced home is a must. Of course, we're not talking about whether your home is Wi-Fi ready! CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, fingerprint sensors, & other modern security systems are essential for keeping your family members secure, especially children & women. Homeowners should choose between homes with standard features such as electronic smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and residences that can be customized.  

Maintaining Security at the Entrance & Exit Points

If you need more security, secure every exit and entry point of your home or apartment. Installing a grill on your balcony is a smart way to ensure that your family is always safe. Don't forget to secure your home's glass doors and large windows if they're broken. In certain cases, thicker, non-breakable glass and a sound-latching mechanism might be conceivable.

So keep these factors in mind when seeing a home, or better yet, make a checklist and cross them off one by one. It's the safest and surest way to end up with a home that not only matches you but will also be attractive in the future.

If you are looking for the best real estate builder in Kerala, go with Varma Homes. Safety is not only for your home, but for your family too. At Varma homes, we understand that safety is one of the most important aspects of our clients? lives, especially for women and children. As such, Varma homes have added top-of-the-line safety features. We put the most up-to-date safety features in our apartments. Such as emergency alarms, exits, earthquake-resistant materials, fire hoses, extinguishers, basement flood pumps, security guards, and CCTV surveillance. Our main focus is on customer happiness, we just don?t sell a house; instead, we provide an ongoing commitment to our valued customers, a commitment that lasts a lifetime. You don't have to be concerned about transparency or security because Varma Homes is completely trustworthy & all of our apartment projects are in Kerala's safest and most desirable areas. Visit one of our project locations to see for yourself how secure they are. We believe in providing experiences that are well worth your money.

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