25 Jul-2023

Top 5 Reasons Why Kazhakootam, Trivandrum, Is The Best Place For Real Estate Investment

Posted onJul 25, 2023
by by Fayiz PK
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Kazhakootam, nestled in the beautiful city of Trivandrum, Kerala, has emerged as a rapidly growing locality in the state's real estate landscape. With its strategic location and impressive development, Kazhakootam has caught the attention of investors and homebuyers alike. In this blog, we aim to explore the factors that make Kazhakootam the perfect destination for real estate investment. Also, we focus on its potential for substantial returns and long-term growth.

Trivandrum's real estate market has been experiencing remarkable growth in recent years, with various localities witnessing a surge in property demand. Kazhakootam stands out for its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and expanding amenities. As more and more investors and builders in Kerala recognise the promising prospects in this area, the demand for flats in Kochi and other residential properties in Kazhakootam is on the rise. 

We will delve into the top five reasons contributing to Kazhakootam's growing popularity among real estate enthusiasts.

Five reasons you should choose Kazhakootam for real estate investment


Kazhakootam boasts excellent connectivity, making it a highly sought-after location for real estate investment. The locality is well-connected to major transportation hubs, including an extensive network of highways, railways, and airways. The National Highway 66 (NH-66) passes through Kazhakootam, providing seamless connectivity to other major cities and towns in Kerala. This ease of access appeals to both residents and businesses, attracting a steady influx of prospective homebuyers and investors.

Moreover, the presence of the railway station nearby ensures convenient travel options for commuters and enhances the area's accessibility. The Trivandrum International Airport, situated nearby, further reinforces Kazhakootam's connectivity by offering excellent air travel facilities, connecting the locality to domestic and international destinations.

The outstanding connectivity of Kazhakootam has a direct impact on the real estate market in the area. The accessibility to major transportation routes and key hubs enhances the value of properties in Kazhakootam. Home builders in Kerala recognise the potential of the locality and are keen on developing residential projects here. The ease of commuting to workplaces, educational institutions, and recreational centres adds to the appeal of living in Kazhakootam. The demand for apartments in Thrissur and Kazhakuttam is growing rapidly due to the same reasons. With such robust connectivity, Kazhakootam stands as an attractive option for those seeking a well-connected and promising investment destination.

2. Employment Opportunities

Kazhakootam offers a thriving job market, making it a prime choice for real estate investment. The locality is home to various business parks, IT companies, and industries, providing diverse employment opportunities for both skilled professionals and fresh graduates. This flourishing job market not only attracts the local workforce but also entices migrants from other regions to settle in Kazhakootam, resulting in a growing demand for housing.

The establishment of major IT companies and technology parks has transformed Kazhakootam into a prominent IT hub within Trivandrum. Many young professionals and tech enthusiasts seek to reside near their workplaces, creating a high demand for apartments in Kazhakootam. The presence of industries and commercial establishments further contributes to the employment opportunities in the area, driving more individuals and families to consider Kazhakootam as their residential destination.

As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, the need for housing options also increases. Homebuyers and investors recognize the potential for substantial returns on their investments in Kazhakootam due to the steady influx of people seeking employment opportunities. The thriving job market and the convenience of living in a well-connected locality solidify Kazhakootam's position as a promising destination for real estate investment. Hence, many builders in Trivandrum are coming forward to raise more buildings.

3. Robust Healthcare Facilities 

Kazhakootam offers a comprehensive range of modern healthcare facilities and hospitals, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment. The locality boasts several well-equipped hospitals and medical centres that cater to the healthcare needs of its residents. These healthcare facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and staffed by experienced and skilled healthcare professionals.

In addition to general hospitals, Kazhakootam is known for housing speciality medical centres and research institutions. These centres focus on various medical fields, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more. The presence of such specialized healthcare services enhances the area's reputation for quality healthcare, attracting residents who seek access to advanced medical treatments and services.

The availability of good healthcare infrastructure is a critical factor in attracting both residents and investors to Kazhakootam. Homebuyers prioritize locations that offer easy access to quality healthcare facilities for themselves and their families. Investors recognize the value of a locality with robust healthcare services, as it ensures a higher quality of life for potential tenants or buyers. The assurance of prompt medical care and emergency services contributes to the overall desirability of Kazhakootam as a residential destination and positively impacts the demand for properties in the area.

4. Affordable Housing Options

Compared to other nearby localities, Kazhakootam offers relatively affordable property prices, making it an appealing option for potential homebuyers and investors. While areas like Kochi witness soaring property rates, Kazhakootam provides a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on essential amenities and connectivity.

The housing options in Kazhakootam are diverse, catering to various preferences and budgets. Prospective buyers can choose from a wide range of properties, including apartments, villas, and plots. The availability of such diverse housing options allows individuals to find a home that aligns with their lifestyle and investment goals.

To encourage affordable housing in the region, the government has introduced several schemes and incentives. These initiatives aim to make homeownership more accessible to a larger segment of the population. Some of these schemes include subsidies, lower interest rates on home loans, and tax benefits for first-time homebuyers. These government interventions further enhance Kazhakootam's appeal as a real estate investment destination.

As the demand for affordable housing continues to rise, the real estate market in Kazhakootam is experiencing steady growth. Investors and homebuyers recognize the potential for long-term appreciation in property values while enjoying the benefits of a well-connected and thriving locality.

5. Educational Hub 

 Kazhakootam has established itself as a prominent educational hub, boasting a robust educational infrastructure that attracts families and investors alike. The locality is home to a wide range of schools, colleges, and research institutes, offering a comprehensive and diverse educational ecosystem. The presence of renowned educational establishments has significantly contributed to Kazhakootam's reputation as an educational hub. The locality houses prestigious schools that follow different educational boards, catering to the varied preferences of parents seeking quality education for their children. Additionally, Kazhakootam is known for hosting esteemed colleges and universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including engineering, arts, science, and management.

Among the educational institutions, there are research centres and institutes that focus on cutting-edge research and development in various fields. These institutions not only contribute to academic excellence but also attract students and scholars from across the country, adding to the cultural diversity of the area.

The presence of quality education institutions significantly influences the decision-making process of families looking to settle in Kazhakootam. Parents prioritize localities with reputable schools and colleges, ensuring access to quality education for their children. The availability of educational facilities nearby also minimizes the need for long commutes, making Kazhakootam an attractive residential choice for families. For investors, the educational hub status of Kazhakootam offers the potential for a steady influx of students and academics seeking accommodation. Properties in the area can be seen as attractive investment opportunities, particularly for rental purposes. The combination of quality education and a thriving real estate market further solidifies Kazhakootam's position as a sought-after destination for both families and investors.


Kazhakootam, Trivandrum, emerges as an ideal destination for real estate investment with its promising growth prospects and attractive features. The locality's booming connectivity, flourishing job market, robust healthcare facilities, and status as an educational hub make it a compelling choice for homebuyers and investors alike. Hence, builders in Kerala are investing more in bringing up top-notch apartments in Trivandrum.

As the demand for properties continues to rise, reputable builders in Trivandrum are capitalizing on the opportunities in Kazhakootam to develop quality residential projects that cater to diverse preferences and budgets. The availability of affordable housing options, along with the presence of renowned educational institutions and modern healthcare facilities, further enhances the appeal of Kazhakootam as a preferred residential destination.

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