05 Feb-2022

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Property During Its 'New-Launch' Phase!

Posted onFeb 05, 2022
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The terms "new-launch" and "pre-launch" in the real estate industry refer to the start of a residential project's pre-construction phase. A housing project's pre-launch stage starts when the builder makes an announcement about their new project & begins selling them. This is the best time to purchase a home since it provides a strong return on investment. The main benefit of choosing a newly launched property is its cost-effectiveness. As you know the pre-launch rate of each residential apartment is generally low-priced to attract more buyers, read on to find other major benefits of new launch projects so that you can make a sensible investment decision.

Enjoy the Best Deals with an Early Bird Discount

To entice homebuyers & investors, most of the builders provide enticing discounts on pre-launched or newly-launched properties during the early phase of the project. The prices of new launch apartment projects are substantially lower when compared to projects that are under ongoing construction or ready-to-occupy projects. So, homebuyers can grab the opportunity to book a home for the lowest possible price. The buyer is also fully secure when purchasing new launch projects from reputed builders following the implementation of RERA. Thus, if you're seeking for a low-cost apartment, a new-launch project is the way to go.

Price Reductions

Pre-launch property rates are fair & significantly cheaper than post-launch rates, which is one of the key advantages of investing in one. After the pre-launch period, the price increases due to a variety of variables, such as rising property demand, new development of infrastructure in the region, rising raw material costs, labor costs, revised legislation, and so on. Hence, it makes sense to block the project before the prices rise.

Customization & Add-On Features

When it comes to picking a dream property, most purchasers consider garden-facing, sun-facing, easy accessibility (like near the lift or the lobby), & the view from the balcony, and so on. Buyers may get more chances to select the best home in its new launch project at a reasonable cost without sacrificing requirements. They might also request structural changes or specific interior finishes from the builder during its pre-launch period. So, early customizations or design changes in this phase do not need rebuilding, saving both the customer & the developer money & also allowing them to stay on budget. Therefore, one will get a good chance of getting their house customized exactly the way they want it if they choose a pre-launch project.

A Profitable Investment Window

Purchasing a pre-launch property provides you with the unrivalled benefit of being able to book the home before the rates skyrocket. Investors are hurrying to get their hands on properties as the pace of urbanization picks up. As a result, investing in property during its 'new launch' phase secures your investment before the price rises, giving you an unfair edge. Buying a new launch property is thus a smart investment, not because you'll get a good deal on low prices. However, after the neighborhood has developed, you'll be able to resell the property for a higher price. Thus, buying a property during the launch phase might benefit homeowners in terms of both end-use and resale objectives.

So, these are the few advantages of property investing when it is in the early stages of construction. If you're a buyer or an investor looking to make a real estate investment, it's best to go with a new launch property due to the slew of above-mentioned benefits. However, you need to have a look into certain key aspects before buying one. They are:

?       Invest only in a property from a RERA-registered project.

?       Make sure you get a top-notch apartment from a reputable real estate firm. This will keep you from having to deal with any unneeded legal or financial concerns.

?       Consider the project's location, as real estate prices in locations where infrastructure construction is underway are likely to soar. This means that the investors will gain more money when they sell the property in a few years.

?       Before you pay the money, look over the legal documentation & the RERA registration number that the government has previously ordered.

Now that you're aware of the top perks of having a newly launched house, you may begin strolling through the broad range of residential projects offered by Varma Homes. We're a renowned real estate builder in Kerala that offers affordable housing projects as well as luxury apartments in various prime locations in Kerala, such as Kochi, Trupunithura, Thrissur, Trivandrum, & Kozhikode. With our years of expertise in the industry, we?ve become the most preferred brand for quality, reliability, & innovative apartment choices that deliver on time without compromising quality. Contact us to learn more about our options & to locate your dream house.

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