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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Location to buy a flat in Kochi

Posted onMar 28, 2024
Kochi, Top Residential Areas in Kochi

So you’re looking to buy a flat in Kochi - that’s a great decision! But there are a few factors you need to consider before you finalize your purchase. One of the most important things you must think about is the location. If you don’t know how to find the optimal location, read this guide to the best residential areas in Kochi:


Made famous by the Lulu Mall, Edappally is a bustling commercial centre and a popular residential locality. It boasts some of the best residential projects in the city, along with excellent educational institutes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, markets, shopping, and entertainment. A robust network of highways and arterial roads connect Edappally to the rest of the city and state, and it also has rail and metro connections.


Culturally and historically important, Tripunithura is full of heritage monuments, temples, and other places of worship. Art, music, literature, and culture is still a passion with the residents, as it used to be in the ancient times. Tripunithura has several reputed schools, colleges, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options. It is well-connected by road to other areas in Kochi.


Palarivattom is a top residential area in Kochi, and was one of the first areas to develop, as it’s centrally located. It’s a flourishing commercial area, and features all amenities residents need like educational and healthcare facilities, markets, recreational, and entertainment facilities. Its location makes it easy to reach from any part of the city by road and the Metro.Being close to the IT park, it’s a desired locality for IT professionals.


This locality has several higher-end residential projects, green spaces, and all essential amenities like hospitals, educational institutions, supermarkets, public transportation, road connectivity, Metro station are present. Residents also flock to this locality because of its rich cultural heritage. Thanks to the Ernakulam Junction station, Kadavanthra is well-connected to the rest of the state and other parts of the country too. 


Kaloor is right in the middle of Kochi town, and is close to the North Railway Station. The railway station, Metro station, and the excellent road network ensure seamless connectivity with the city, other cities in Kerala and India. Kaloor has transformed in recent times as a happening place for youngsters thanks to the quaint cafes, global cuisine restaurants, and so on that have come up.


A heady combination of rural-like tranquillity and urban bustle, Eroor is one of the most peaceful residential areas of Kochi. Quiet and green, it offers an unhurried pace of life that is much needed in today’s world. And yet it doesn’t lack for any of the modern comforts and conveniences like superb road network and connectivity, markets, schools, healthcare facilities, and recreation.

Vazhakkala – Vennala

The localities of Vazhakkala and Vennala are close enough to be known as twin towns or residential areas. They are peaceful and green, without taking away the amenities that you want to enjoy. Verdant landscapes, superb connectivity through its interconnected road network, good healthcare facilities, shopping options, its proximity to the IT park, and the presence of a reputed school make it a desirable residential area of Kochi.


Renowned for the Bhagavati temple, Chottanikkara is another tranquil residential area with lush greenery. There are a number of schools and hospitals, and plenty of shops selling household essentials in the area, increasing its appeal for people who want to settle in the area.


 The top residential areas of Kochi have some things in common, as you may have seen above: excellent connectivity, with many having their own Metro stations too; plenty of markets, schools, healthcare facilities, shopping, entertainment, recreation, green spaces, and more. These factors are what make a locality a desirable residential area. 

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 What makes Edappally a preferred residential area in Kochi?

Edappally stands out as a prime residential locality in Kochi, thanks to its notable commercial centers like Lulu Mall. It's celebrated for its comprehensive amenities, including top-tier educational institutes, healthcare facilities, shopping, entertainment options, and excellent connectivity through highways, roads, rail, and metro, making it a highly sought-after area for homebuyers.

Can you describe the cultural significance of Tripunithura as a residential area?

Thripunithara is a residential area deeply rooted in cultural and historical significance, offering a vibrant blend of heritage monuments, temples, and places of worship. It's a hub for art, music, literature, and culture enthusiasts, supported by reputed schools, colleges, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and robust road connections, enriching the living experience for its residents.

Why is Palarivattom considered a top choice for residential living in Kochi?

Palarivattom is central to Kochi's urban development, making it a preferred residential area for its strategic location, commercial vibrancy, and comprehensive amenities. It provides educational and healthcare facilities, markets, recreational, and entertainment options, along with seamless access to the rest of the city by road and Metro, catering to a convenient urban lifestyle.

What are the key features of Kadavanthra as a residential locality?

Kadavanthra is renowned for its higher-end residential projects, abundant green spaces, and essential amenities like hospitals, educational institutions, and supermarkets. Its rich cultural heritage, combined with excellent public transportation, road connectivity, and a Metro station, ensures Kadavanthra remains a coveted locality for potential homeowners.

How do the localities of Vazhakkala and Vennala enhance the residential appeal of Kochi?

The twin towns of Vazhakkala and Vennala are celebrated for their peaceful and green environments, offering a tranquil living space without compromising on modern amenities. They boast superb road connectivity, healthcare facilities, shopping options, and educational institutions, surrounded by verdant landscapes, making them attractive residential areas within Kochi.

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