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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Location to buy a flat in Trivandrum

Posted onMar 30, 2024
Top Residential Areas in Trivandrum, Trivandrum

It goes without saying that you have to carefully consider several factors before making a big investment, like buying a flat in Trivandrum. Choosing the right builder and the ideal location should be the top priorities on your list. Here’s how to identify the top residential areas in Trivandrum:


Why is this such a popular residential area? It is centrally located, with the railway station just 11 km away. Major and minor roads criss-cross to create a robust network connecting this locality with other areas in Trivandrum, and the state. With the international airport being close as well, it is also a gateway to international destinations. Sreekaryam is a tranquil, verdant neighbourhood, making it an ideal locality to reside.

In addition to excellent connectivity, Sreekaryam has numerous stores and supermarket for essentials, apparels, etc., the Lulu Mall for shopping, dining and entertainment, many educational institutions, and vast green spaces. Together with the sedate pace of life the place offers, Sreekaryam is a hot favourite among home buyers and investors alike, and a number of prestigious projects are coming up there. Varma Sreekaryam with its premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments with world-class amenities, is one of thepopular buildings.


The planned IT township, Technopark, has revolutionised Kazhakkoottam, and it is today one of the most rapidly growing residential areas in Trivandrum. It is located along the NH 66, and hence well-connected to other cities in Kerala. This region also has historical significance, and is considered one of the prestigious residential areas of the city. Thumba Beach, Lulu Mall, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Greenfield Stadium, etc. are reputed institutions in the area, in addition to schools, vocational institutes, colleges, etc. There are also a number of hospitals, clinics, and related services available in Kazhakkoottam, and there is no dearth of markets either. Take advantage of this top residential area of Trivandrum by booking a flat in Varma Suburban.


Renowned as the place where the royals of a bygone era came to worship during Navratri,  Poojappura is a hub of spirituality and culture. Peaceful and green, this is a residential area that will be loved by those who want a quiet life without being too far away from the city. Schools, markets, healthcare facilities, access to major roads, transportation, and recreational facilities are all available to the residents of Poojappura. Enjoy this suburban bliss by purchasing a flat in Varma  Dr. Pai’s Legacy or Varma Dr. Pai’s heritage.


One of the most upscale and posh localities of Trivandrum, Kowdiar is situated along the state highway SH 45. Wide roads, well-maintained public areas, and lush greenery along with modern amenities are the hallmarks of this locality. As one of the most popular areas of Trivandrum, it has everything that a family would need like stores for essentials and festive shopping, reputed educational institutions, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, entertainment and recreational facilities, and more.


You may have noticed that the best residential areas in Trivandrum have all got one a few things in common: they all have good roads, accessibility, transportation facilities, markets, educational and healthcare facilities; many of them also have entertainment options and recreational facilities. This could be in the form of swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, and so on. Many of the best residential areas also have ample green spaces. Most families require these to be present in their locality.

Varma Homes has carefully chosen the ideal residential areas in Trivandrum to offer you the best living experience. Explore your options for an elevated lifestyle now!


1. What makes Sreekaryam stand out as a top choice for homebuyers in Trivandrum?

A: Sreekaryam shines as a jewel in Trivandrum's residential scene, thanks to its central location paired with exceptional connectivity. Just 11 km from the railway station and in close proximity to the international airport, it offers easy access to both local and global destinations. Its network of roads ensures seamless travel within Trivandrum and beyond. This neighborhood is not just about connectivity; its tranquil environment, lush green spaces, and the presence of Lulu Mall alongside a variety of stores and educational institutions, make it a holistic place to live. The area's serene lifestyle, combined with its comprehensive amenities, attracts a diverse community of residents and investors, with Varma Sreekaryam leading as a sought-after property for its premium living spaces.

2. Why is Kazhakkoottam considered a prime residential area in Trivandrum?

A: The transformation of Kazhakkoottam into a bustling residential locale can largely be attributed to Technopark, the pioneering IT township that has spurred rapid development. Located along NH 66, it boasts excellent connectivity to Kerala's other cities, enriching its historical roots with modernity. With landmarks like Thumba Beach, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, and Greenfield Stadium, plus a wealth of educational and healthcare facilities, Kazhakkoottam offers a vibrant living experience. The Varma Suburban, with its modern amenities, is an ideal choice for those looking to make the most of living in this dynamic area.

3. Can you tell me more about Poojappura as a residential choice in Trivandrum?

A: Poojappura, steeped in spiritual and cultural heritage, offers a peaceful living environment that doesn't compromise on urban conveniences. Known for its royal connections and Navratri celebrations, it is a green oasis offering tranquility with the benefits of city life. The area is well-equipped with schools, markets, healthcare centers, and excellent transport links, making it an attractive option for those seeking a serene yet connected lifestyle. Properties like Varma Dr. Pai’s Legacy and Heritage bring contemporary living spaces into this culturally rich locale, offering residents the best of both worlds.

4. What are the perks of living in Kowdiar, one of Trivandrum's most upscale localities?

A: Kowdiar represents the pinnacle of luxury living in Trivandrum, with its strategic location along SH 45, broad and well-kept roads, and an abundance of green spaces enhancing the area's charm. This locality is synonymous with sophistication, offering everything from high-end shopping to prestigious schools and hospitals, not to mention entertainment and recreational facilities. For families looking for a blend of luxury, convenience, and accessibility, Kowdiar is unmatched. Its comprehensive amenities support a lifestyle that's both comfortable and enriched, making it a top-tier choice for discerning homebuyers.

5. How does Varma Homes cater to the lifestyle needs of residents in Trivandrum?

A: Varma Homes is committed to elevating living standards by selecting only the most desirable residential areas in Trivandrum. Each location, including Sreekaryam, Kazhakkoottam, Poojappura, and Kowdiar, has been chosen for its unique blend of accessibility, amenities, and natural beauty. Varma Homes properties are designed to offer more than just living spaces; they provide a lifestyle that encompasses wellness, convenience, and community. Whether it's close proximity to essential services, entertainment options, or green spaces, Varma Homes ensures every aspect of modern living is covered, allowing residents to enjoy a life of ease and enrichment.

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