16 Feb-2024

11 Tips to Keep Your Apartment in Kochi Looking Great

Posted onFeb 16, 2024
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Apartment maintenance is much easier than maintaining a big house; but even this can be challenging for those with hectic work schedules or families with young children. If you have ever wondered how to keep your apartment in Kochi neat and good-looking at all times, we have some tips for you.

1.      De-clutter: Keep only what you actually need and use; donate or throw stuff that’s lying unused in your house for years. If you go through your stuff, you’ll realize you have a lot of things that can be removed.

2.      A place for everything: Make sure there’s a place for everything, like shoes, old newspapers or magazines, mail (may include letters, official correspondence, bills etc.), extra groceries, mops and brooms, laundry, toys, helmets, raincoats, umbrellas, school stuff, medicines, pet bowls (if you have pets) even your TV remotes. Ensure that nothing is lying around and cluttering up your space. Invest in storage bins, caddies, racks, and hampers to organize your stuff.

3.      Put away things immediately: when you come home after a tiring day at the office, you just want to dump your footwear and bag in the living room and relax. Make it a habit to put these things away as soon as you’re home.

4.      Daily Clearing: Spend 15 minutes a day to clear up and put away things in their proper place so that it doesn’t pile up. Spending a couple of hours on cleaning and decluttering can be stressful.

5.      Dust regularly: going by the real estate market trends in Kochi, we know that there is a lot of construction happening, which creates a lot of dust. Dusting is important for cleanliness as well as health.

6.      Personalize: let your creativity and likes shine through! Get a few art pieces to hang on your wall or display in your showcase.

7.      Add a splash of green: Get a few low-maintenance indoor plants to brighten up your apartment. You can put them in the living room, balcony, just outside your main door, and even in your bedroom. A lot of people are taking to apartment gardening in Kochi as they want to bring in some greenery.

8.      Use mats: Place mats at the doorways, near washbasins, outside bathroom doors, and even by your bed. This will ensure that neither dust nor water travels in your apartment and makes it dirty.

9.      Create an Illusion of Space: We know that apartments are, by nature, small in size. You can make the space seem bigger with a clever use of mirrors, using light coloured paint for your walls, and use consistent patterns and colours throughout the house, for home linens, furniture etc.

10.   Fixtures and Appliances: we tend to ignore them, but they need to be cleaned regularly. Light fixtures, fans, A/Cs, mixer-blenders, ovens, taps and other plumbing fixtures, everything needs to be checked for dust and stains.

11.   Deep Clean: Once or twice a year, do a deep clean, when everything in your home gets cleaned including sofas, curtains, etc. You can engage service providers to do it for you.


  • How do I keep my Kochi apartment always looking great?

To keep your Kochi apartment neat and appealing, declutter and organize regularly, dedicating a place for every item to avoid clutter. Spend 15 minutes daily for tidying up, dust frequently, and personalize your space with art and low-maintenance plants. Utilize mats to keep dirt at bay, create an illusion of space with mirrors and light colors, and ensure regular cleaning of fixtures and appliances. Conduct a deep clean bi-annually for a comprehensive clean-up. These steps simplify apartment maintenance, even for those with busy schedules or small families.

  • What are the simplest ways to maintain cleanliness in my apartment?

Daily quick cleans, regular dusting, and keeping appliances and fixtures clean are the simplest strategies. This prevents clutter and dust accumulation, making maintenance easier.

  • How can I decorate my Kochi apartment to make it look spacious and personal?

Use art to reflect your personality, incorporate low-maintenance plants for vibrancy, place mats strategically to keep floors clean, and use mirrors and light colors to make spaces appear larger.

  • What low-maintenance plants are recommended for apartments in Kochi?

Opt for snake plants, ZZ plants, and spider plants. They are easy to care for and thrive well in Kochi's climate, perfect for enhancing your apartment's ambiance with minimal effort.

  • How often should I deep clean my apartment, and what does it involve?

Conduct a deep clean once or twice a year. This includes cleaning sofas, curtains, and areas often missed during regular cleaning. Consider hiring professionals for a thorough job if necessary.


Apartment maintenance becomes easier when you’re living in a new apartment and one that has a good layout that makes cleaning easy. Varma Homes brings you premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments in prime locations in Kochi that are aesthetic, comfortable, and spacious, making maintenance a breeze. Featuring solid construction, world-class amenities, and eco-friendly measures, Varma Homes apartments will elevate your living experience like never before. All government and RERA regulations are adhered to, assuring you of hassle-free purchase and ownership experience.

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