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Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Posted onDec 03, 2023
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Why is there a heavy demand for apartments in Thrissur? Thrissur can be considered the gold capital of the country, with over 700 crore rupees worth of business being conducted in the commodity annually. It’s one of the major centres of gold manufacturing in Kerala; this has led to it being a financially prominent city. It is also the location of the world-famous Pooram festival which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Additionally, there are many ancient temples which bring in devotees from all over. 

Of late, the city has emerged as an IT hub, thanks to the numerous initiatives of the state government like promoting incubators, IT parks, cyberparks, provision of finance on easy terms, and so on.

These factors necessitated the rapid development of infrastructure, which can be evidenced in the numerous highways, flyovers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and improved telecom systems today.  The city is now better connected to other cities in Kerala and major cities in neighbouring states. The growth of Thrissur as an IT hub has led to many entrepreneurs and corporate professionals to migrate to the city for more lucrative prospects.

It is also a nature lover’s delight, with its cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, elephant sanctuary, and panoramic landscape.

Obviously, these developments have combined to push the demand for quality, affordable housing. 

Why Choose Thrissur for Residential Investment?

Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Thrissur is, as of now, a city with high economic development, and is poised to grow even more in the coming years. This economic development and infrastructure availability have made the city an attractive prospect to investors and homeowners alike. Thrissur appeals to entrepreneurs - especially in the IT sector - and corporate professionals as well. The real estate market trends in Thrissur point to a shift in housing preferences, with these young professionals choosing apartments over individual houses.

Thrissur is a land steeped in history and tradition. It was a prominent place even in the times of the Chera empire. The city is home to numerous literary, artistic, and cultural organizations and academies, and the people of Thrissur are renowned for patronizing various art forms from the early days. 

Today, glitzy malls, glass-facade office spaces, and high-rise residential buildings share the same space as old monuments and traditional homes. Restaurants offering global cuisine, global brands, and swanky cars rub shoulders with caparisoned elephants and age-old traditions. One could say that Thrissur offers an eclectic blend of modernity and tradition. 

Let’s now look at one of the top residential areas in Thrissur:

Spotlight on Poochatty

Poochatty is a peaceful suburb in Thrissur district in Nadathara Panchayat; just 7 km from the district headquarters, this is a green paradise, a tranquil haven for anyone who wants to escape the bustle of the city. It got its name from its first settlers who were potters and made pots that were sold all over the state. Along with them, some weavers were also present; some of their descendants still inhabit the place, and they speak their own language which is different from Malayalam.

 The city is just a very short drive away, but here, you can have a peaceful life and breathe the pristine air. The lush greenery all around is a soothing sight for the mind and soul; a rural gem in an urban crown. Little wonder, then, that Poochatty is becoming the favourite residential area for innumerable newcomers to the city. It is well-connected to the main city through an excellent network of roads and highways. 

Varma Homes offers Varma Spectrum, a project with 2 and 3 BHK apartments in this locality, just 800 m from the highway. It is right opposite one of the best schools in the district, Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir. 

Infrastructure and amenities in Poochatty

Surprisingly, in spite of being a small village, Poochatty has ample amenities and good infrastructure. This means that there is a good scope for the place to develop rapidly and become more urbanized. 

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir is a renowned school in Poochatty, offering classes from I to XII. The school has a big library, well-equipped labs, auditoriums, playgrounds, sports complex, and e-learning facilities.

There is a zoo just 4 km away at Puthur - it is well maintained, and an ideal place for a family outing.

The Jubilee Mission Hospital, less than 5 km away, is a modern, well-equipped hospital that provides all the essential healthcare services to the people of Poochatty. From emergency services to elective surgery, from child care to intensive care, all medical services are provided. 

Banking services are provided by Dhanalaxmi Bank. Other major banks are a short drive away. 

There are several places of worship in the region, many of them quite ancient, lending a mystic air to Poochatty.

Cultural Significance

Poochatty celebrates Onam with great fervour. Every home is bedecked like a bride with colouful and mesmerizing flower carpets, and sumptuous feasts are prepared to welcome the good King Mahabali who comes to visit his beloved citizens. The whole village bears a festive air, and is lit up in the evenings.

The pooram festival, of the famous ancient Vadakkumnathan Temple in April-May, and is a magnificent event spanning seven days. All of Thrissur vibrates with excitement and energy at this time, and Poochatty is no different. The caparisoned elephants, intoxicating sound of drums, vibrant fans, the awe-inspiring fireworks display, combine to make it a grand festival. The people of Poochatty actively participate in this festival.

Noteworthy Real Estate Projects in Poochatty

Varma Spectrum is the most noteworthy real estate project in Poochatty. Brought to you by the most reputed builder in Kerala, Varma Homes, Varma Spectrum has 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments that will elevate your lifestyle. With all major amenities close by, Varma Spectrum also offers convenience for the residents. Featuring robust construction, superior architecture, and aesthetic apartments, Varma Spectrum is one of the best real estate projects in Thrissur. Branded vitrified tiles, branded steel kitchen sinks, premium electrical and plumbing fittings, superior quality doors and windows - everything you can expect in a  top-notch home, you will find in Varma Spectrum.

Here are some of the amenities you can expect in the building:

  • 24 hours water and power
  • Automated elevators
  • Fitness centre
  • Furnished lobby
  • Recreation space
  • Visitors lounge
  • Intercom
  • Indoor play area for children
  • 24 hour security
  • Party area on rooftop
  • Water treatment facility
  • Sewage treatment
  • Well-stocked library
  • CCTV monitoring

You can enjoy comfortable, convenient, and luxurious living in Varma Spectrum, Poochatty. Varma Homes has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable builders in Kerala, having delivered premium residential projects all over the state for the past several years.

Potential for Real Estate Appreciation in Thrissur

As we mentioned earlier, infrastructure development is taking place on a war footing in Thrissur, and road connectivity has been improved with new and broadened highways. Economic growth is spurred by tourism, mainly thanks to the Pooram, and natural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The city is the gold capital of the company and is also home to many banks or headquarters of big banks. Entrepreneurs and corporate professionals alike have innumerable benefits of moving to Thrissur.

The weather is pleasant year-round, with no extreme temperatures. 

The burgeoning IT sector is propping up the demand for quality living spaces that offer all the trappings of modern living. As a city steeped in culture and tradition, Thrissur has yet embraced modernity and contemporary life with aplomb.

Poochatty is among the top residential areas in Thrissur with its vast green spaces, tranquil atmosphere, and availability of modern comforts and amenities. 

Given these inherent advantages, there is tremendous potential for real estate appreciation in Thrissur, and especially in Poochatty. When you are forming your real estate investment strategies in Thrissur, you must consider investing in properties in areas that are still not yet fully developed - like Poochatty - as these are likely to appreciate the most when the region reaches its peak development.


With its ideal blend of tradition and modernity, Thrissur is a thriving commercial and financial hub, and poised for exponential growth in the coming years. This makes it an ideal market for real estate investment. This is the right time to invest, as the market is definitely going to climb higher. Whether you want to purchase real estate for investment or personal use, entering the market early is crucial. To get maximum returns on your investment, the right time is now. By investing in flats in Thrissur, you can earn excellent long-term rental income or sell when the property appreciates - either way, you can get outstanding returns on your investment.

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