15 May-2021

Buying A New Apartment Just Got A Lot Easier With Virtual Home Buying!

Posted onMay 15, 2021
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Amidst the second wave of Covid-19, virtual home buying is again becoming increasingly common these days. For now, it is much safer to take a virtual apartment consultation rather than physically going to numerous locations to watch them in person. Now is a great time to take the privilege of the virtual home buying process. This opens a substantial opportunity to digitize home purchasing steps end-to-end, keeping in mind varying behaviour, attitudes & desires of homebuyers. As many supposing homebuyers were not ready to travel in-person to sites or project locations due to this pandemic scenario. Ie. Literally, there were no face-to-face meetings; these were changed by fully contactless transaction infrastructure, virtual tours, meetings, online choice of apartments, digital documentation & payments. Let?s start by looking at the key steps of the virtual home buying process as a whole:


Virtual Consultation

This step is very similar to a typical buyer?s consultation, except that the meeting is held over video conference. In this step, the builder will connect you with a sales officer to help you get started on your virtual home buying journey, start the discussion, understand your requirements, price range, & any further criteria that you would like to have through video conference, phone or email etc.


Virtual Tour

Normally, we would plan a time to go & explore your favourite apartments once your list is shortlisted. The virtual tour of apartments is quite similar in approach. Once you find a property that you need to see, the sales officer will schedule a time to do a walkthrough/video tour of the apartment. The virtual tour can either be live over FaceTime or recorded for you to watch later. Preferably blocking the virtual tour time along with your sales officer is the best option so that you can see the apartment property live. As this lets you pose inquiries & can allow you to point out areas you are keen on seeing a greater amount of.


Conduct Purchasing Process Online

After conducting a video tour, you are confident that you have found the perfect home. Then you can start your purchase through the purchase contract & find chances for the available offers. When the real estate builder has reached terms that you feel worthy of & are confident will result in final purchase. That is right from enlisting an offer to signing a purchase contract such an ample home purchasing procedure can easily be done online via email & any other online platform.


Home Inspection

From a purchaser?s angle, even if you are virtually doing most of the home buying process, it is essential to schedule a professional home visit adhering to all COVID-19 protocols.


Grab Advantage of Mobile & Technology Possibilities

Advanced mobile & technology possibilities make the online home purchase process simpler, as they provide different choices to handily & safely bring the whole service process to the home purchaser such as signing documents via DocuSign & DigitalInk and can access remote mobile notaries to verify your identity & signatures to ensure that the whole buying process is completed efficiently and safely.

Based on the lockdown-induced chance, we at Varma Homes teamed up with digital technology to offer a contactless home buying experience for our customers. Being the responsible & trusted builder in Kerala, we know that owning a home is more important than ever. So we take a step ahead for realizing our customers ' dream home into a reality in this pandemic time via virtual consultation.

So if you have any plan to buy your dream apartment right now but aren't able to make it happen during these unusual times, then this is the right time to purchase your dream apartment with Varma Homes via virtual consultation. So get in touch with us today, we are here to help you to realize your dream home even in these difficult times!

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