17 Jun-2022

Why multi-generational homes are the new future

Posted onJun 17, 2022
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The popularity of multi-generational houses and apartments started to grow during the COVID outbreak. This has influenced certain lifestyles and also triggered new trends. Generations see the benefits of co-living apartments that appeal to a multi-generational society, from seniors to middle-aged couples, from new parents to young people. The pandemic has taught everyone to stick together, support and encourage each other during an emotional crisis.

Let's see why multigenerational living has become the most advantageous and interesting thing right now:

1.    An Affordable Option: When various generations live together, they can afford considerably more comfortable and luxurious residences than they could if they lived separately. This financial flexibility can simplify home maintenance and other utilities as well as household expenses. It also makes it easier for people to save more money for essential things like retirement, vacations, and educational funds.

2.    Safe & Secure Environment: With more people, there is usually someone at home to watch the house and make sure it is not empty. And, with adult children and grandchildren nearby, elderly parents or grandparents can seek help much faster than if they lived alone if they fall or have a medical problem.

3.    Emotional Backup: Living together can develop a priceless connection among children, parents, and grandparents. This is certainly relevant when they have a residence that is well-suited to individual requirements, personalities, and interests. Giving moral support and being present during critical circumstances are irreplaceable moments that only multi-generational living can offer.

4.    Improved Work Efficiency: With the older generation, youth management can be as easy as a cake. Parents may use some help, whether it's with mentorship or schoolwork. Chores, cooking, shopping, and other requirements can be divided and completed much more quickly. Younger people can tolerate strenuous physical labour, while older adults can handle less physically demanding tasks.

5.    Instil Feelings of Partnership: Your children will learn that all members of your family contribute and help each other. They become aware of and are influenced by the perspectives and love of the older and younger generations who live with them. This allows them to appreciate the wisdom that comes from strong family ties and expand their horizons in constructive ways.

6.    Easy on the Guardian: It would be stressful for the family guardian to care for the sick parent or grandfather if they weren't living with them and staying away. It's hard to constantly go back and forth to their parents' homes to care for them and back again as they juggle their home and family. It therefore becomes even more important to develop a multi-generational home.

7.    No More Sense of Loneliness: Isolation is a huge issue in our culture today for all generations. On the other hand, older people feel needed, involved, loved and valued when their extended families live together. The children receive much more help, guidance, and time with their families. Everyone will feel less alone. This may be a win-win situation for everyone if healthy family relations are in place. 

8.    Happier Work Settings at Home: With the latest remote working opportunities from companies, people are able to enjoy more flexibility and work from the relaxed and joyful atmosphere of their apartment. This structure led to fewer burdens and stress-free lives, which also steered them to greater productivity in their work.

Varma Homes - Creating Multi-generational Constructs

Since its inception, Varma Homes has established itself as one of the most renowned builders in Kerala. Our expert team has skillfully crafted apartments that can inhabit the desires and preferences of every generation. Own a safe and smart apartment where generational gaps are never an issue since we cater to the diverse mindsets of multiple generations and professionals. Going with the flow and following current trends has always been our motto, which is the recipe for our success and the reason why our stakeholders trust us.

We present a modern lifestyle of luxury, convenience, and comfort, with the most advanced facilities and eco-friendly features. We started with residential developments in Kochi and then expanded to Trivandrum and Thrissur. Our major launches will be in Calicut and other major cities in the near future. You have a number of apartment options to choose from depending on your requirements and budget. Choose the one that best suits your multi-generational family! For more information, contact us on 96458 83333.

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