29 Aug-2020

Why Should I Invest For a Second Home?

Posted onAug 29, 2020
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Investment strategies in Kerala, Kerala

Thinking about a second home, if you have enough savings to invest in a second home, it will be a very plausible idea with high-profit potential. Since the real estate market has always been a risk-free & safe investment choice. However, before you go ahead with the plan to buy your second home, you have to consider certain things like you have no overhead debts, you have sufficient reserve and emergency funds and of course, you have a good and stable source of income. If all these are fulfilled, you can head down to execute your plan for your second home. Going to own your second home has several benefits in terms of investment choice or getting a regular income. Here we list down some reasons you should go for your second home if you have enough cash for investment.

? The Promise of Assured Rent
With high real estate prices, the clearest benefit of buying a second home is the promise of assured rent. As rental income has improved manifold over a period which makes buying a second home to rent out is the right method for a stable regular source of income. Also with the implementation of RERA and GST in the real estate market, now investing in second homes for rental income will progressively more become a trend.

? Adding a High-Value Asset
Owning a second home is obviously another investment in your investment basket. Due to the fast pace of growth in the real estate market in India, the value of your home would also be getting higher. So it will give you a high-value asset over a while and this may be sold later at a high price to liquidate the asset. For the time being, one can add to the rental income in their bonus perks.

? Retirement Home
As retirement emerges on the possibility, many of us commence worrying about their money & where to invest to relieve their retirement life. But owning a second home is the ideal investment choice & you got the freedom to go to a place for a change that is fully yours. Alternatively, even you can move to that home if you find it more suitable for your happy retirement life, renting out the earlier one. Otherwise, a second home can be used as the fixed source of income after your retirement if you put it on rent.

? Tax Savings
Buying a second home also comes with the extra incentive of tax savings. i.e. If you have taken a loan to own your second home, you can get tax considerations up to Rs 2 lakhs towards the interest paid & a tax deduction up to the total paid towards interest when the home is let out on rent. This aid you save tax on the loan simultaneously, adding up a high-value asset.

? Savings for Future Purpose
Despite providing extra rental income & tax benefits, second homes are considered good investment choices for the future purpose like children?s education, children?s marriage, retirement, future emergencies or events. Emergencies always come unexpectedly, so based on your financial state, you could very well sell your second home and use the cash to deal with your financial burdens.

So, now we have seen the perks of owning a second home. In the meantime, if you want to buy a second home for investment? Check Varma Homes projects right away! Visit: www.varmahomes.com. Being the best and the most promising real estate builders in Kerala, you can completely trust Varma Homes for your future investment choice. We have our ongoing residential projects in major parts of Kerala like Kochi & Thrissur & Trivandrum. So believe in us, have the best home and get the best experience with us.

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