15 Feb-2024

How to Set Up the Perfect Work-from-Home Space in Your Apartment in Kochi

Posted onFeb 15, 2024
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An increasing number of professionals in the IT and banking sector choose to telecommute rather than go to the office for work every day. Are you a freelancer or a professional who works from home and is looking for the perfect apartment in Kochi where you can set up your workspace? First you need to find the right apartment building which will be conducive for work. If you follow the real estate market trends in Kochi, you will know the areas with excellent internet connectivity - a prerequisite to setting up your workspace at home.

Let’s look at a few clever design ideas for tiny homes in Kochi so that you can maximize the available space and have multiple uses for the same spaces seamlessly.

Choosing the Spot

Are you comfortable with ambient sounds and people moving around you? Or do you work best in solitude? Depending on your preference, mark the spot you want to set up your office in - a corner in your living room or your bedroom. If you have a spare bedroom, that might be the ideal solution. But even if you don’t, you can still set up your home office easily.

Separate your Space

You can use a wooden room divider or curtains to separate your workspace from the rest of the living or bedroom in case you don’t have a spare room to set up your office.

Wiring and Cabling

If you are purchasing an under-construction flat, you can do the cabling for direct connection from the modem to your desktop/laptop, which gives the strongest connection. If the flat is a completed one, you can still get it done, but may find it difficult to conceal it.


Get a computer desk so that you have a proper place for your computer, scanner, printer, papers, and stationery. Get a comfortable chair, preferably ergonomic, so that you don’t develop back pain. Install a couple of shelves for keeping files, diaries, headphones, and so on. Make sure there’s a dustbin close by too.


Make sure you have adequate lighting and that the fixture is correctly positioned to avoid shadows and give you the right light. The last thing you want to do is develop eye problems because of poor lighting. Keep a desk lamp so that you can work late nights without disturbing the family.


Your workplace should be welcoming and pleasant, but without distracting you. Get a couple of small potted plants, some artwork, framed photos of family or pets, etc. If you’ve placed your desk such that you face the window when you sit, make sure the curtains are a pleasant colour. If you face a wall, then hang a few paintings or photos or some artwork so that it doesn’t seem monotonous when you look up from your computer. However, be sure you don’t go overboard with things to an extent that it distracts you from your work. Keep a planner handy so that you can complete your work smoothly and in time.


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  • What should I consider when choosing a spot for my home office in Kochi?

Consider whether you prefer working in a quiet space away from ambient sounds and movement, or if you're comfortable with some level of noise around you. Based on your preference, you can choose a spot in your living room, bedroom, or a spare room if available.

  • How can I separate my workspace from the rest of my apartment?

You can use wooden room dividers or curtains to create a distinct workspace within your living area or bedroom, especially if you don't have a separate room available for your office setup.

  • What should I do about wiring and cabling for my home office?

If your apartment is under construction, arrange for direct cable wiring from the modem to your workstation for a strong connection. For completed flats, wiring can still be done, though concealing the cables may be challenging.

  • What kind of furniture and accessories do I need for my home office?

Invest in a comfortable, preferably ergonomic chair, a computer desk for your electronics and stationery, shelves for storage, adequate lighting fixtures to prevent eye strain, and a desk lamp for working at night without disturbing others.

  • How can I personalize my home office space in Kochi?

Decorate your workspace with small potted plants, artwork, framed photos, and pleasant curtain colors if facing a window. If facing a wall, consider hanging paintings or photos for a less monotonous view. However, avoid overdecorating to the point of distraction and keep a planner to stay organized.

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