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Amenities Checklist That Should Consider During Your Apartment Hunt

Posted onApr 23, 2021
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The housing concept has been changed massively in the present housing market owing to the desires & demands of the purchasers. Until ages back, a home implied acquiring land & constructing an independent house, however, in the current situation, a home is nothing less than a luxurious residence with all the conveniences & amenities. As you begin your apartment search, you'll need to brainstorm a rundown of ideal amenities your new home will bring. Picking a way of life of your own is something you can't face any risks.

??Uncompromised? is something that many top real estate builders in Kerala, like Varma Homes comprehend and respect. The interest for an individual space that you can call your own has consistently been a trendsetter, and nobody comprehends it better than Varma Homes, the most reliable and the trusted builder in Kerala. There is no denying that apartment life creates your life more relaxed & more enjoyable. As with our busy schedule, we often forget about peace & comfort for the well-functioning of our body, mind, & of course life. Hence, choose an apartment that has a comprehensive set of amenities that cater to your overall well-being. Take a glance at the apartment amenities that you must search for while selecting an apartment.

Sports, Wellbeing & Recreational Activities

Amid our bustling lives, it turns out to be simple for us to compromise our wellbeing. Anyhow, this can be effortlessly controlled if all the provisions are within our reach. Ie. Right from the swimming pool, gym, yoga hall, sports arena, spas, etc, ensure that your builder is giving you adequate amenities that will take into account your prosperity.? Having these amenities after a restless day at your office is significant for leisure & social bonding to retain a healthy environment in society.

Parking Provision

? Before finalizing a deal, it is important to check whether the apartment has a spacious reserved parking space that offers individual parking and separate guest parking to simplify the parking for residents. Typically, apartments with numerous units provide these, however, you need to affirm it. Aside from this, watch that there is a different parking spot for differently-abled individuals & ambulances. Similarly, ensure there is a suitable fire engine access way across the loft premises to arrive at emergencies (If happens).

Well-designed Landscape

Lavish and large lawns aren't just useful for your reviving yoga practice or morning walks, but on the other hand are an incredible spot to hold gatherings, events, parties etc. Including a lawn inside your apartment community is not lavishness, yet a need. Thus, ensure that your apartment premises have a landscape that is consistently available, and is constantly looked after appropriately.


A carefully planned clubhouse takes your decision of choosing an apartment a bit higher. A clubhouse contains a banquet hall that comes truly helpful when masterminding your wedding anniversary party or child's birthday celebration, or any other special occasions. It gets troublesome and irritating to chase for banquet halls whenever an occasion occurs.? So, having a clubhouse inside your apartment premises is an added advantage for the race of constructing happiness in your life.

Security System & Power Backup

This is an indispensable element of your apartment checklists. Your apartment should have a 24/7 professional security service with CCTV surveillance.? Together with the apartment should also be equipped with an alarm system, intercoms, emergency buzzers, & top-of-the-line security installations to ensure that your apartment premise is secure. Additionally, make a point to check with your builder that your apartment has a proper power backup to support the electrical supply to save yourself from frequent power cuts.

Play Area For Kids

A secure play area for kids can work wonders to get your children involved with some physical activity. As much as studies, playing is fundamental for comprehensive development in kids. Meanwhile, most of the kids obsess over watching videos or playing games on tablets & mobile phones, urging them to go outside and play is a mission for guardians nowadays. But a striking, safe play area for kids is an incredible alternative to lure kids outside to play with the neighbouring kids.? Hence, check with your builder if they would offer a play area, & make sure to check its quality if possible because your child?s safety comes first.

Incessant Water Supply

Water is life and getting a continuous water supply is one of the essential apartment amenities that you should deal with before purchasing a flat or apartment. Though the vast majority of the metropolitan urban areas are confronting water shortage and the apartment dwellers are struggling to get a legitimate freshwater supply. So, prior to picking an apartment ensure that there is an additional water supply accessible in the event of water shortage.

So, if you are looking for an apartment, make sure you get all the amenities you will need to make your new space feel homey & lively. Being the most trusted builder in Kerala, Varma Homes, have high-end apartments projects in the prime locations of Kerala like Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Tripunithura, Thrissur and Kozhikode without any compromises for the convenient and modern amenities to ease life for residents.? So, go ahead and take your preferred pick from our array of high-end apartment projects where you get comfort and convenience at its best!

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