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Apartment living in Kerala, Kerala

Everyone dreams of owning a beautifully designed luxury home. What makes a dream home luxurious are its features like amenities and interiors. If these features remain the same, then what makes a luxury mansion stand out?? Now, we can see that many luxury apartments in Kerala are made with exclusive features that make your dream home lavish and elegant. When it comes to luxury living, the choices to customize your living space are infinite. Moreover, you do not have to be rich to have some of that luxury. Here are some most common features that define a luxury home.

Technologically Competent: Most of the real estate builders and homebuyers believes that a luxury home should be exemplary in the kind of technology it uses. Hence, automation is the keyword. Based on the price of the property, the range of technological advancement would differ. Smart home technologies are very much in demand these days and these technologies monitor systems inside and outside the home. Whether it is controlling the smart lighting and sound homes, thermostat, smart toilets or locking the door, you can easily look after your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone. Such kind of features separates a luxury home from a normal one.

Open Floor Plans:? Today we can see that the homes do not have separate areas like kitchen and dining. All these areas come together in one big living space for a comfortable and flexible living experience.? Many luxury homebuyers are demanding the open floor plan for their homes.

High-End Kitchen: If the heart of the home is the kitchen, then luxury homes have a very strong pattern. Kitchens are now coming as a spacious kitchen with top-class appliances and high-end equipment like chimneys, fridge microwave, dishwashers etc. from high-end international brands.

Security: Many luxury apartments in Kerala have in-built security features that are necessary. These security features are what separates luxury homes from standard ones. To secure your home from burglary actions and unwanted attention, the homes come with smart locks, safety alarms for fire or break-ins, CCTV cameras etc. Apart from home security systems, these luxury apartments also have strong security at the entering of the property.

Breath-taking View from Apartment: A home may have all the specifications and amenities, which makes it world-class, but if it lacks a breath-taking window view, then it is not qualifying as a luxurious apartment. That is nothing feels better than coming home from work to a serene and a peaceful environment. Luxury apartments designed with open areas and huge balconies provide a fantastic view of the surroundings. You can enjoy staring at the skyline or breathe in some fresh air while you calm your mind as you watch the sea.

Entertainment at Home: A home with a home theatre and a personal gaming zone is the new trendsetter for defining a luxury home. The latest updates in the niche market gadgets are must-have things for both the old and young alike. The objective of this feature is to create a space where the homebuyer never feels the need to leave the luxuries of the home.

Spa Quality Bathrooms: This is yet another feature that sets luxury homes apart. The bathroom serves a utilitarian purpose, but many people consider it as a perfect place to relax after a long day. The luxury homes bathrooms are right on par with professional spas. They not only have a separate shower and tub but also saunas, steam rooms, touch screen mirrors that double as a TV.

In a nutshell,

Luxury homes are all about lifestyle and have stepped up to offer more comfort living to homebuyers than ever before. Amenities that were once considered an extravagance have become standard and have forced homebuilders and homeowners to take luxury amenities to the next level. If you are a luxury buyer looking for that unique feature and special touch that sets a home apart from all the rest. Then you can get in touch with Varma Homes, the most promising builder in Kerala offering superior quality and affordable luxury apartments in Kochi, Trivandrum and Thrissur. We design all our residential projects with care to make the life of the residents easy and lavish.

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