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Benefits Of Buying Under-Construction Property Apartments In Kerala

Posted onJul 25, 2023
by by Fayiz PK
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Kerala, a picturesque coastal state in India has always been an attractive option for residing. Investing in real estate is a significant decision and buying property in Kerala is a significant decision. Among the various choices available to buyers, under-construction property apartments stand out for several compelling reasons. These properties are those that are still in the process of being built, offering potential homeowners a chance to be a part of the development journey. In this article, we will explore the benefits of purchasing under-construction property apartments from builders in Kerala and why they are worth considering for those seeking a new home or a lucrative investment opportunity.

Why you should buy under-construction properties from builders in Kerala? 

Choosing an under-construction property in Kerala can be a smart move for both end-users and investors. These properties often come with pre-launch or early-stage prices, which are relatively lower than fully constructed units. As the construction progresses and the property nears completion, its value tends to appreciate, providing buyers with the potential for higher returns on their investment. Moreover, under-construction properties usually offer more flexible payment options, making it easier for buyers to manage their finances while acquiring their dream home.

1.Lower Prices: 

One of the most significant advantages of buying under-construction apartments in Kerala is the cost savings. As mentioned earlier, developers often offer these properties at lower prices during the initial stages of construction. This strategy is implemented to attract early buyers and secure funding for the project. As a result, buyers can benefit from competitive prices that are often more affordable than fully developed properties in the same location. Additionally, when purchasing an under-construction property, buyers have the opportunity to lock in the property's price at the current market rate. In the dynamic real estate market, prices tend to rise steadily, especially in prime locations. By buying early, buyers can avoid potential price hikes that may occur during the construction period.

Furthermore, lower prices for under-construction properties enable buyers to explore options that might have been beyond their budget for fully constructed properties. This means that buyers can consider larger or more luxurious apartments, thus enhancing their living experience. It is essential to note that while under-construction properties may be available at lower prices, buyers should exercise due diligence and choose reputable developers known for delivering quality projects on time. Researching the developer's track record, and project specifications, and obtaining all necessary legal clearances is crucial to ensure a safe and satisfying investment.

2. Appreciation in Price is Higher: 

Investing in under-construction apartments can offer the advantage of higher appreciation in property value, especially if you intend to purchase flats from builders in Trivandrum. As the property is still in the construction phase, buyers can capitalize on the potential price appreciation over time. The initial prices for these under-construction flats are often lower than fully developed units, allowing buyers to enter the real estate market at a more affordable cost.

As the project progresses and nears completion, the demand for these new flats ends to increase, driving up the property's value. The real estate market in Trivandrum has shown steady growth due to factors such as infrastructure development, improved connectivity, and a burgeoning economy. All these factors contribute to the appreciation potential of properties in the city. Moreover, Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and a thriving urban centre, attracting both local and international investments. As the city expands, the demand for housing options, including under-construction properties, is expected to rise, further fueling property appreciation.

3. Flexible Payment Options: 

In the case of under-construction flats especially apartments in Kochi, buyers can benefit from various flexible payment options offered by developers for under-construction properties. These options cater to the diverse financial needs of potential homebuyers, making the buying process more manageable and accessible.

Staggered Payment Schemes: Many builders in Kerala provide staggered payment plans, where the total cost of the flat is divided into multiple installments spread over the construction period. This approach allows buyers to make payments in smaller amounts at regular intervals, easing the financial burden.

Construction-Linked Payment Plans: 

Under this payment plan, the payment schedule is linked to specific construction milestones. As each stage of construction is completed, buyers are required to make payments accordingly. This transparency in payment ensures that buyers pay for the property's progress and quality assurance.

Minimal Down Payment: 

Under-construction flats usually require a smaller upfront payment, making them more accessible to buyers who may not have substantial savings for a large down payment. This lower initial payment allows buyers to secure the flat and arrange their finances for subsequent instalments.

Interest-Free Periods: 

Some developers offer interest-free periods during the construction phase. This means that buyers are not charged any additional interest on the amount they owe until the project's completion. It provides financial relief and saves buyers from bearing the burden of EMIs during the construction period.

1. New Construction   

For those seeking a ready to occupy flats in Thrissur, exploring new construction projects can be a rewarding choice. Buying a flat in a new construction project offers the advantage of owning a modern and well-designed living space. Developers in Thrissur often incorporate the latest architectural trends and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for residents.

Newly constructed flats also require less immediate maintenance, as the building materials and infrastructure are in prime condition. This can lead to cost savings in the initial years of ownership. Moreover, being among the first occupants of a new construction project in Thrissur provides the opportunity to shape the community and build new relationships with neighbours.

2. Offers: 

Under-construction flats often come with attractive offers from developers. These offers are designed to provide added value and make the home-buying process more enticing for potential buyers. Developers may offer attractive financing options, tie-ups with leading banks, and reduced processing fees to make it easier for buyers to secure housing loans. The inclusion of essential amenities and services within the project is another common offer. This can include fitness centres, swimming pools, play areas, landscaped gardens, and community halls, enhancing the overall living experience. Early-bird discounts, special pricing, and limited-time offers with exclusive benefits motivate buyers to make timely decisions and seize the opportunity.

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Buying under-construction property apartments in Kerala can be a strategically sound decision, especially when partnering with reputable builders in Kerala. The numerous benefits offered by under-construction properties make them an attractive option for homebuyers and investors alike. One of the primary advantages is the opportunity to purchase at lower prices during the pre-launch or early stages of construction. This allows buyers to secure their dream apartments in Kerala at more affordable rates and potentially benefit from higher appreciation in property value as the construction progresses. Flexible payment options provided by builders in Kerala further enhance the appeal of under-construction properties. Staggered payment plans, construction-linked payment schedules, and minimal initial down payments make it easier for buyers to manage their finances while acquiring their desired apartments.

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