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Opportunities don’t always knock at the doorstep when they do, you must ready to use it to the fullest. Well, it is true that COVID- 19 outbreak has proven the fact that owning a home is the best way than coping with the worries of living in rented accommodation. Now people are also aware of the significance of having an investment in the realty market as an asset class in their investment hamper. Since it is the most reliable and steady return investment choice compared to other investments options of high risks. Purchasing a home is often the biggest purchase of our lives, and a mortgage or home loan is typically our biggest financial commitment. Keeping the total acquisition charge in mind, affordable housing categories and the mid-segment have arisen as the most sought after for buyers.

Good News For Potential Buyers, It’s The Time To Strike

The novel COVID-19 pandemic has added numerous uncertainties to every single part of life, and the housing market is no exception. So, RBI take steps to deal with this situation with lowered repo rates, increase liquidity in the market, and the introduction of subsided housing schemes by the government. These changes will go a wide way of generating the much-desired demand for potential buyers. 

 This is absolutely good news for those who wish to own an apartment, moreover for those who waiting for the right time to strike. So now banks have made home loans most attractive giving home buyers with a chance that cannot be missed. The steep cut has brought interest rates on home loans by private & public sector banks to their lowest interest rates of 6.95% with effect from July 2020. Fixed home loan rates are the lowest they have been, and it will be the best time to yield the benefit of this ultra-low interest situation.

Once the economy recovers this unprecedented hit loss in the market, the property prices will bounce back and this low-interest-rate environment will vanish. There is no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak has totally changed the meaning of what we have come to know as home.  Now it becomes a school to our children, an office, and of course secure abode for our family.

If you are looking for the right time & the right opportunity, then wait no further. Here is the right opportunity in the form of low home loan Interest rates. Go ahead, make its optimum use and realize your life dream of owning a home. You can now contact Varma Homes, the best builder in Kerala, for booking your dream apartment in your favourite city. We have our best quality apartments in major cities of God's own country like Kochi, Trivandrum and Thrissur. Check out our incomparable apartments, we are sure that you will be spellbound. Realize your dream home with us, once you invest, you will have a fixed asset that will have value at any time.

Opportunities are like sunrises, so take the benefit of low-interest rate & own your dream apartment from the house of Varma Homes!

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