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Substantial Costs You Need To Consider Before Home Buying

Posted onFeb 26, 2021
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Purchasing a house is a major responsibility & it will be the greatest buy you make in your lifetime. Purchasing the correct one takes a great deal of time and research to find a property that matches with your long-time dream home requirements. Obviously, there is the challenge that ties in with finding a house which you can afford & enjoy for quite a long time to come. Also, it might be ideal if you save a cradle sum for a few different costs that are engaged with home purchasing. We are not mentioning the initial EMI costs or down payment that you need set up prior to booking your home. On the whole; here we are discussing different costs apart from home purchasing.

Registration & Stamp Duty charges: There are registration & stamp duty charges that you should pay against your property. These charges become judged based on property value. Stamp duty is a mandatory payment that the purchasers give the government to register the apartment in their name. Registration and stamp duty charges in Kerala is typically 7 to 10% of the whole property cost.

Maintenance Charges: Apart from registration charges, you should save some additional cash for the maintenance costs that you need to pay the builder. It is primarily a fee for maintenance of the amenities & facilities provided by the builder. Real estate builders usually take as long as a year's maintenance charge at the time you move into a new apartment. The maintenance costs fluctuate from one property to others as it relies upon the type of amenities it offers to the purchaser.

Parking Charges: As well, there are also parking charges. You should pay an extra sum for the assigned parking area. In housing buildings, each flat or apartment benefits with a selective parking spot with your home number imprinted on it. You will bear an additional charge for it at the moment of purchasing the apartment & gain with problem free & easy parking each day.

Property Tax: Another cost is the tax you need to pay against your property to the state government. The amount of tax depends upon your property value & it can vary from one state to another. Accordingly, you can get the estimation done in the initial stage itself. Even though you may the alternative of paying this amount on a month-to-month basis or quarterly or yearly basis.

Interior Costs: Once you purchase your own home, you will have a plan to design it in your own way. For this one, you have to spend some amount in getting the interiors done as per your requirements & preferences. This spending can charge quite a fortune relying upon the specific nature of interior work being embraced.

Preferential Location Charge: It is an additional charge that gets required when you book a flat or apartment with a specific location, floor & view. You may have to pay an additional cost for a home with a lake or garden view. So preferential location charge is an extra charge which every builder will impose & it will vary with the builder.

Apart from this, you will likewise need to save cost for moving your things from the existing area to the new apartment. That is relocation cost, for this you should save some additional cash for the movers and packers services that you profit. So, when it comes to purchasing a house, you have to think about the above-mentioned costs and should have a different financial plan for it. If you are wanting to purchase an apartment from the most promising real estate builder who will clarify you about every costing associated with home purchasing, then trust Varma Homes. Being the top & most demanding real estate builder in Kerala, you can completely trust Varma Homes for your dream home, which will definitely be worthy of your hard-earned money. We do charge these costs yet we will inform you concerning each cost, & you can choose the property likewise. You can select your dream home as per your requirements & budget from our different residential projects in Kochi, Tripunithura, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, and Kozhikode. You can learn more about our projects on our website and connect with our team today for making your lifetime deal with us!

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