28 Jan-2021

The Better Long-Term Option? Living On Rent Or Owning A Home!

Posted onJan 28, 2021
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Owning a home is a big dream for each & everyone. It is just much more than just a roof & four walls. It blows up a range of emotions and feelings in us. No matter what size or shape your home is, the thought and feeling of home can mean varying things to various people.? The sense of safety & security you get from owning your own home is the most prominent & difficult to explain. Read the article to know the best reasons why you should opt for owning a home rather than renting.

  • No Landlord Hassles

When you own a home, you are the controller. You do not have to deal with a landlord for any minor repairs or make any changes to your home. Living in a rented home means you are fully dependent on the landlord for water, electricity, maintenance & even to hammer a nail in the wall.

  • Freedom & Emotional Security

Buying a home renders added comfort, security & privacy, not only to you but also to your entire family which is a simply irreplaceable experience. Also, the decision to extend, renovate & utilize the space as per your liking is always with you & you don?t need any permission. So, when you have a home, you are your own boss at home!

  • Easy Financing Options & Can Avail Tax Benefit

With the availability of a simple financing option, home buying is effortless now. Here you don?t need to wait till your 40s & 50s to collect money for owning your dream home. You can easily acquire it in your 20s & can be the proud owner of a fully paid off house when you turn 50 or even earlier. Hence, when you want to purchase a home by availing a loan, you get? capable to earn the tax benefits on the home loan principal & interest you payback. These gains add up to a reasonable deal, in possessing your home.

  • A Chance to Rent It Out

Owning a property gives you a major edge that you can rent it out to someone after a point of time to return your home loan. This is possible if you are buying a ready to move apartment. By doing this you can save some money & let the tenant pay your debt over monthly rent rather than paying it from your wallet.

  • An Investment

When you are adapted to remain in a particular town for extended periods, having a home will definitely give you a feeling of peace, closeness & help you to connect to the town easily & its way of life.? Also, undoubtedly in future you will get a good return value of your property. As we know, over time the costs of property normally increase. Besides, owning a home provides the security of a hard asset simultaneously with guaranteeing monthly cash flow.? Likewise, the security of one?s own home in uncertain times can be also a blessing & lessens stress & anxiety.? If you pause your home buying process, it will end in having to spend a higher amount as you are forced to pay rent over an extended time.

  • No Uncertainty

With your own home, no fear or anxiety is caused by the chance of an untimely end of the lease agreement by the landowner. Moreover, there are no other annoyances like renewing the rent contract every year & negotiating on rent regularly.

For the above-mentioned reasons, it is clear than the benefits enjoyed by a house owner are far better than an occupant leasing a house.? As you don't require to compromise on various aspects such as location, spaciousness, amenities & much more whereas by investing in your own home, you can simply ensure that your preferred property satisfies all your aspired expectations. Yes, it?s true that sometimes toward the start of purchasing a house may show up as a difficult task,? but at the end, you will get a beautiful home of yours & you can give your family a secured life as they deserve!

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