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Now the home buying concept has become so changed than how it was before. Most people are now well aware of the current marketing trends and are keen on every minute thing. So, this makes it challenging for real estate builders. When it comes to purchasing a home, individuals want the best for their family. Gone are the days when the driving factors for buying a home in Kochi were only the location and budget preference of a buyer. Today?s fast-paced world demands a home with modern amenities that make you instantly feel better when you return from a long day hectic work schedule by selecting thoughtfully designed housing projects for all age groups.? To simplify things, here we have listed certain mandatory amenities in a smart apartment where the buyer needs to look at.


Recreational Facilities: With the hectic work schedules, giving time for oneself isn?t easy nowadays, but it is so necessary to de-stress regularly. This is why many urban dwellers demand recreational facilities within the apartment premises. This could include gymnasiums, tennis courts, swimming pools, yoga hall, sports, spa, play areas for kids and so on. This is the best option to save your precious time when you get all the recreational facilities to rejuvenate yourself under one roof.


Power Backup: Today, power cut off is the most common problem in every residential area and hence, it is better to ensure that the housing society is equipped with a proper power backup setup. Along with the apartment, clubhouse, pool and other areas also need a power backup. It prevents further mishaps in the compound and hence is most necessary.


Waste Disposal: It is wise to check on waste disposal procedures followed in your apartment complex. If your city exists certain rules for segregation and disposal of waste, then you have to check whether your selected apartment has a system to confirm the same is carried out.


Security System: Security provisions are a must in amenities in every apartment unit. An unsecured apartment is a bad choice of investment, so before buying check whether your apartment block contains advanced security features like emergency alarms, exits, round-the-clock security personnel, earthquake-resistant materials, fire hoses, extinguishers, basement flood pumps, CCTV surveillance, automated security devices etc. Thus, it is significant to know that you, your family members, kids and your pets are safe in your apartment, and that your belongings are secure when you are away from home or at work. I.e. When you give importance to security in your space, you and your family can live safely & happily.


Parking: Before moving into an apartment, check whether it has a spacious reserved parking lot that offers individual parking garages and a separate guest parking to ease the parking for residents. Usually, apartments with many units provide these, but you have to confirm it. Apart from this, check that there is a separate parking space for disabled people and ambulance.? Likewise, make sure there is proper fire engine accessway across the apartment premises to reaching emergencies, if occurs.


Provision for Senior Citizens: Like kids, the senior citizens also require additional amenities which really make a difference by creating daily life easier and better for them. Separate walking tracks, wheelchair access with stairs, safe pool area, grip floor etc. can make life beautiful for senior citizens.

Balconies: The good structure of balconies increases the alluring factor of your home and used to admire the natural beauty. It has extensive use for activities like washing clothes, drying clothes, growing plants and even a small hangout area during the evenings. When you love to spend some quality time on yourself, the balcony of your home is the best relaxing zone in your apartment.


In Short,

Apart from these mentioned above, your apartment buying process must include checking on all the essentials too. If you are looking for an apartment in Kochi, Thrissur or Trivandrum with all the high-end apartment amenities, then you can contact Varma Homes, the most trusted builders in Kerala.? We provide all kinds of unique perks to offer your apartment life with full mode of happiness & conveniences.

With the motto of building trust & delivering happiness among clients, we stand as the best investment choice in happy homes for generations! So, book your favourite apartment with us today!

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