25 Nov-2022

Top 8 Things To Consider Before Buying An Apartment In Kerala

Posted onNov 25, 2022
Investment strategies in Kerala, Kerala

A home is an utmost investment that you have made in your life. So, when you are planning to purchase a flat or an apartment for yourself and your family members, you always need to put in some extra care and effort. People usually purchase or buy a flat either by seeing some advertisements or getting recommended by others or being influenced by google search results. But a plethora of studies have claimed that many companies do some cheap or inferior quality promotions only to entice customers towards their projects. When it comes to the handover phase, they hardly provide them with any modern amenities or use very inferior quality materials for construction. So, it is always recommendable that as a buyer you should check thoroughly before investing a single penny in a property.

Location's everything for a home.

The paramount concern when you relocate to a new home should be convenience. The location of the home should place you near your workplace with urban conveniences like shopping and public outlets when within walking distance.


You also need to check whether your apartment is equipped with all new amenities (gym, swimming pool, indoor games area, banquet hall, fire extinguisher, etc.) or not. So, put amenities in your flat purchase checklist.


Connectivity is another prime thing to check before buying a flat in Kerala. If your apartment is well-connected with retail shops, hospitals, schools, bus stops, and medical stores, then everything will become easier for you.

Sense of security

The security arrangement in an apartment complex will ward off all unwanted salesmen, beggars and suspicious strangers. Even if the family goes out of town for a few days your home will be safe and secure.

Builder's Background

Make a checklist before buying a flat and make sure, this one tops the list. Whenever you look for a flat, do a background check of the builder or the seller. Make sure everything is legal. Make casual conversations and find out about his life. How a person earns his bread says a lot about him.

Most importantly, legal documents need to be checked before buying a flat from the builder. This is to minimize any sort of legal drama that may occur. When it comes to documents and police work, the case may stretch for years. And you do not want that over your head.

The Area 

The next important thing to take notice of is the locality of your house. Kerala flats are located in rather neat areas but you need to make sure. What helps a lot is talking to the neighbours. They will be able to provide the best information about the current owner. Additionally, check if the place is too noisy for you and if it matches all your standards. Once you buy the house, there is no turning back. Therefore, it is wise to make a 'before buying a flat checklist'.

Outdoor Area

If you have children, then before purchasing a flat you should check whether it includes any outdoor area or not. Because children love to play different outdoor games and for that, they need a spacious and airy outdoor area. Moreover, if you have a large and open outdoor area, then you can also do some physical activities which are very wholesome for your health.

You can't choose your relatives. But the neighbours you can.

Where you live is at your sole discretion. When you relocate to a new home make sure the neighbourhood is of your social status and liking. The community you live in will be of your liking. Your children will have good company to play with.

Every housing project looks beautiful on paper. Before you buy a home from a builder, inspect a few projects of the same builder to understand the quality and standards they offer. Better still, ask some residents about living standards. Because you don't buy a home every other day.

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