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Top Reasons to Invest in a Ready to Occupy Apartment

Posted onNov 02, 2020
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Investment strategies in Kerala, Kerala

Picking the right sort of home to live in is one of the greatest and hardest choices you should make. As homes are viewed as long haul investments, you should be sure that you've picked the home that is most appropriate for you and can fulfil your family's needs. When it comes to purchasing an apartment there are usually three kinds of apartment you can select from such as pre-launch, under-construction & ready-to-occupy apartments. Ready-to-occupy apartments are getting profoundly searched after nowadays, because of the various advantages a property holder can profit. Have a look at some of the benefits of investing in ready to occupy apartments.

? No Waiting Period

When you invest in ongoing projects, you may have to wait for a longer period than you expected. This delays usually happen due to various reasons. But when it comes to ready to occupy an apartment is that there is no waiting period. The buyers can directly examine their apartment and there is no need to go through the brochures to get a notion of how the apartment will look at the end. That is, we can enter in our apartment at our needed time without having to deal with frustrating delays in pre-launch type.

? You Get What You Pay For

When a property is under construction, the purchaser needs to make suppositions on how the apartment project will turn out, in light of the floor plans & master plans. It is a little bit difficult to visualize the specific unit bought & the qualities of the amenities. In ready-to-occupy flats, you can experience your home and see the layout from each room. The quality of the project can be fully experienced with our eyes and then the investment can be made. This will guarantee that the investment will not go bad anyway. Also, another advantage is there are no surprises in ready to occupy apartments.

? Get Rid of Rental

There are chances that individuals purchasing apartment might be living in leased homes. The individuals who select the under-construction projects should wait for a longer period.? But for individual who opting ready to occupy apartment can move into their new home as quickly as time permits. This will assist them with saving their lease cost. Numerous individuals who are paying high rent or journeying far for their work tend to buy the ready to move flats since they need a quick break from the high rent or travel cost.

? Purchase Within Your Budget

In ready-to-move flats, you can choose a property reliant to your budget preferences. You get ownership instantly after paying the necessary cost for the apartment. There is no way of expanding the cost of the property, in contrast to properties under-construction projects.

? Free of GST

Ready to move flats are not under the limits of Goods and Services Tax (GST).? So, you can avoid taxations completely if you opt to purchase a ready-to-occupy property. However, if you have purchased your property with a home loan, you can guarantee tax benefits from the exact year of purchasing the property or getting the ownership.

? Get to Know Your Neighbours

In a ready to move in apartment, you can identify who your neighbours are, what kind of community, what they do, where they work, whether they are approachable and much more. The society you stay will definitely create an impact on your kid?s lifestyle too. Grounded on all the points mentioned above you can choose on whether to stay in this society or not.? So, ready to occupy property grants you the odds of selecting the environment that you wish.

? No Pre- EMI

Ready-to-move-in apartments don't need pre-EMIs as you will be paying EMI for something that is totally in your possession.? In case, if you are planning to take a home loan then ready to occupy apartment aid you from not losing money on pre-EMI charges. As you would know, EMI comprises of your loan amount and interest components.

These were a few of the benefits of purchasing ready to occupy apartments. If you are in the market for a new apartment, then enquire with Varma Homes today. We offer a range of projects at different locations of Kerala like Kochi, Thrissur & Trivandrum and is well-known for designing and developing homes that are reasonable and imbued with a host of cutting-edge amenities.

If you are looking for any ready to occupy apartment at Kochi, Varma Homes has 2 projects to offer ? Varma Padipura and Varma Maalika Block II. Varma Padipura is nestled behind Kalikotta Palace, Tripunithura, Kochi. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city but gives you sound access to all modern conveniences that today?s world demands. It offers high-end apartment amenities and easy accessibility, which stand for top-notch quality and luxury with the essence of life. Varma Maalika Block II is located at S.N Junction, Tripunithura. This project is just 200 meters away from the Kochi Metro. Both the projects have completed ahead of schedule. Choose your apartment and start living at your dream home in Kochi.

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