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What To Look For Before Buying An Apartment

Posted onApr 10, 2023
by by Fayiz PK
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While looking for an apartment, one of the most crucial elements to consider is location. The location of your apartment may have a significant influence on your quality of life, convenience, and access to facilities and services. If you're looking at flats for sale in Kochi or apartments in Trivandrum, consider aspects such as proximity to your workplace or school, access to public transit, and the availability of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. It's also essential to think about your lifestyle and what you like to do in your spare time. If you prefer outdoor activities, for example, you may wish to pick a place near parks or recreational facilities. If you want a more urban lifestyle, you can consider living in the middle of a bustling city center. Finally, the location of your apartment will have an influence on your daily life and overall contentment with your living environment, so examine it carefully before making your selection.

Size and Layout

The size and layout of the apartment should cater to your needs. If you're exploring options with top builders in Kerala, ensure that the space is adequate for your family size. The apartment's size should be appropriate for your needs, and the layout should be useful and handy for your lifestyle. While deciding on the size of a flat, consider how many people will be living there and whether the space is adequate for your needs. Look into the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the quantity of living space, and the storage space available. The apartment's layout is also significant since it impacts the flow and usefulness of the area. Search for a flat with a plan that is appropriate for your lifestyle and demands. If you like to entertain, you might prefer a more open floor plan with easy movement between the kitchen, living room, and dining area. The arrangement of the flat can also affect privacy and noise levels. Evaluate if the bedrooms are in a peaceful region of the apartment and whether the living space is isolated from the bedrooms to reduce noise disruptions.

Conditions of the Apartment

The apartment's condition is paramount. When viewing flats in Thrissur or apartments in Trivandrum, look for signs of wear and tear. Ensure that the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are operational. Address any concerns with the landlord or property management before finalizing. Because the state of the flat might affect your safety, comfort, and quality of life, it's important to properly evaluate it before making a selection. Look for indicators of damage or wear and tear, such as cracks in the walls or ceiling, water stains, or damaged flooring, when viewing the flat. Check the plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems to ensure they are in working condition. Look for evidence of vermin, mold, or other health risks. If there are any problems with the flat, talk to the landlord or property management about them and ask whether they will be fixed before you move in. Consider the general cleanliness and care of the building and common facilities, such as hallways and elevators, in addition to the physical condition of the unit. This can provide an indication of how effectively the building is kept and how attentive management is to tenant issues

Building Maintenance and Management

While looking for a flat, building upkeep and management are key elements to consider. The standard of maintenance and administration can have a significant influence on your flat living experience. Building maintenance ensures that the structure is kept in excellent shape, which may assist prevent safety issues while also increasing your comfort and convenience. Good maintenance, for example, ensures that elevators are in good working condition, plumbing is running correctly, and common spaces are clean and well-lit. A well-managed building guarantees that tenants are treated fairly and that any problems or issues are addressed in a timely and professional way. This may have a significant influence on your quality of life in the building by affecting your interactions with other tenants, access to building amenities, and the degree of help you receive if you have any difficulties or concerns. While looking for a flat, look at the building management firm or landlord's reputation and track record. Browse reviews or ask existing tenants about their building management and maintenance experiences. 

Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees

The Homeowners Association (HOA) is an important component to consider while shopping for an apartment or co-op property. HOAs are often in charge of maintaining the building's common facilities, such as the lobby, corridors, and elevators, as well as any shared amenities, such as a pool or fitness center. They may also be in charge of implementing building rules and regulations, such as noise limits and pet laws. While choosing an HOA-managed flat, it is critical to study the HOA's financial accounts and budget to ensure that the organization is financially healthy and can afford to maintain the building and facilities. You should also research the HOA's rules and regulations to verify that they are compatible with your lifestyle. Attending an HOA meeting or speaking with current homeowners can provide insight into the amount of interest and communication within the organization. A well-managed HOA may enhance your living experience by ensuring that the building is well-maintained and that members appreciate one another. 


A secure apartment may provide you peace of mind and make you feel protected in your own home. Consider apartments with safe entrances, such as a secured lobby or intercom system, as well as whether the building has security cameras or a security guard. You should also think about the neighborhood's crime rating, closeness to public transit, and availability of on-site parking. You may also look up crime statistics for the region to get a feel of how safe the neighborhood is.

Resale Value

When determining resale value, it is critical to examine current market trends and estimates for the region. Investigate the local real estate market to discover whether there is an upward trend in property values. Take into account any prospective developments or changes in the community that may have an impact on property values. Consider the apartment's condition and characteristics, which might affect its resale value. A well-maintained apartment with contemporary facilities and in a desired location, for example, may have a greater resale value than an older, outdated flat in a less desirable area. While resale value is a significant element, it should not be the only factor to consider when selecting a flat. You should also prioritise factors that will impact your quality of life in the flat, such as location, size, layout, building amenities, and security. Varma Homes can provide you with the greatest services and assistance for all of your future ventures.

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