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Why Gulf NRIs Are Investing In Kerala Property

Posted onMar 27, 2023
by by Fayiz PK
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Investing in real estate has always been a significant financial decision, and Gulf Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are increasingly drawn to Kerala, India's real estate market. This attraction can be attributed to various factors, ranging from emotional ties to favorable exchange rates, high rental yields, a growing real estate market, affordable prices, and legal protections. This article explores the key reasons why Gulf NRIs are opting to invest in Kerala's property market, including luxury houses in Kerala, apartments in Kochi, flats in Thrissur, and the roles of builders in Trivandrum in shaping this trend.

Emotional Attachment

Investing in property in their home state or city gives many NRIs a sense of connection to their roots as well as a sense of security. This emotional bond might be especially strong for Gulf NRIs who have lived and worked overseas for an extended period of time. Purchasing real estate in their native state or city might help individuals keep links to their cultural background and familial relationships. Furthermore, for Gulf NRIs hoping to return to India in the future, investing in property may give a sense of security and stability. They might live in the property alone or with family members, or they can rent it out. For many Gulf NRIs, purchasing property in India is a financial as well as an emotional choice. Having a house in their home state or city offers a sense of stability, comfort, and familiarity, which can be beneficial for those who live far away from their relatives and loved ones. Furthermore, investing in real estate in India may be viewed as a means for people to give back to their home country and contribute to its growth. It is a method for many Gulf NRIs to express their pride in their cultural heritage and dedication to their community.

Favorable Exchange Rates

The exchange rate between Gulf nations and India plays a pivotal role in property investments. When the exchange rate is favorable, Gulf NRIs can acquire more Indian rupees for each unit of their currency, making investments, like apartments in Kochi or flats for sale in Thrissur, more affordable. This currency advantage encourages property investments in Kerala, particularly among Gulf NRIs who can seize the opportunity to invest with reduced foreign currency expenditure.

The value of one currency in respect to another is referred to as an exchange rate, and it can fluctuate over time. When the exchange rate between the Gulf nations and India is advantageous, Gulf NRIs might get more Indian rupees for each unit of their currency. This might make investing in real estate in India easier and cheaper for them. Favorable exchange rates can make it simpler for Gulf NRIs to invest in Indian real estate by lowering the amount of foreign cash they need to spend. But, bear in mind that currency rates are unpredictable and can move quickly, so keep a watch on them before making any investing decisions.

High Rental Yield

Kerala has a thriving rental industry, notably in towns such as Trivandrum, Kochi, and Calicut. Because of the increasing demand for rental properties in these locations, Gulf NRIs may be able to earn significant rental yields on their assets. The rental yield might vary depending on the property's location, nature, and quality, as well as the current rental prices in the region. Nonetheless, Gulf NRIs may often expect rental rates of 4-6%, which is considered a fair return on investment in the Indian real estate market. With the emergence of holiday rental sites such as Airbnb, Gulf NRIs may be able to earn even greater rental returns by renting out their houses as short-term holiday rentals, especially in famous tourist locations such as Kerala. Overall, the prospect for high rental yields may be appealing to Gulf NRIs wishing to invest in Kerala real estate.

Growing Real Estate Market

Growing real estate markets in India are drawing Gulf NRI investment. Kerala, in particular, has experienced a recent spike in real estate demand and property prices, making it an appealing option for Gulf NRIs wishing to invest in Indian real estate. The increasing demand for housing as a result of the state's expanding population, urbanization, and infrastructural development is one of the causes behind Kerala's developing real estate industry. The development of new IT parks, commercial hubs, and industrial zones in towns like Trivandrum, Kochi, and Calicut has also generated job possibilities and drawn more residents to these areas, increasing housing demand. Kerala's state government has established a number of policies and efforts to help the real estate sector, including easing the clearance process for new projects, giving incentives for affordable housing, and granting tax breaks to real estate developers. The previously stated advantageous exchange rates and high rental returns, together with the emotional tie that many Gulf NRIs feel to their home state or city in India, have all contributed to Kerala's expanding real estate industry.

Affordable Prices

The advantageous exchange rate is one of the elements that makes property investment in Kerala inexpensive for Gulf NRIs. Because the Indian rupee is often lower than Gulf currencies, Gulf NRIs may be able to obtain more bang for their buck when investing in Indian real estate. With the advent of the Indian government's affordable housing projects, there has been a drive for developers to create more inexpensive homes in Kerala and other regions of the nation. As a result, the supply of cheap houses in Kerala has increased, making it simpler for Gulf NRIs to discover residences that meet their budget. For Gulf NRIs interested in investing in Indian real estate, many financing alternatives are available, including house loans from banks and financial organizations. While property costs in Kerala vary according to location, kind, and quality, there are many reasonable choices accessible for Gulf NRIs interested in investing in Indian real estate.

Legal Protections

There is the legal protection given to Gulf NRIs who invest in property in Kerala, India. The Indian government has put in place different legislative frameworks to safeguard property purchasers' rights and guarantee that the real estate business is open and responsible. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, for example, attempts to regulate the real estate market and promote openness, accountability, and efficiency in transactions. The statute compels developers to register their projects with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and submit complete information about the project, such as its completion timetable, specs, and cost. It also requires developers to deposit a set amount of the project's cash in a separate bank account to verify that the funds are utilized for project development. In India, there are several consumer protection regulations, such as the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, which offers a framework for customers to seek remedies for any issues linked to transactions with developers or builders. In the event of a disagreement or legal issue arising from their property investment, Gulf NRIs have legal recourse. To resolve disagreements between parties, the Indian legal system offers numerous dispute resolution processes such as mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Gulf NRIs are clearly investing in Kerala property for a variety of reasons, including emotional tie to their country, good exchange rates, strong rental yield, a developing real estate market, and inexpensive costs. Several surveys and data on real estate investments in India reveal a considerable growth in investments from Gulf nations in recent years, indicating a trend of Gulf NRIs investing in Kerala property. Furthermore, anecdotal information from real estate developers and property agents in Kerala shows that Gulf NRIs are increasingly interested in investing in houses in the state. It is apparent that Gulf NRIs see Kerala as an appealing property investment location, and this trend is expected to continue in the future years.


The increasing trend of Gulf NRIs investing in Kerala's property market is a result of a combination of factors. Emotional connections, favorable exchange rates, high rental yields, a burgeoning real estate market, affordable pricing, and legal protections collectively contribute to making Kerala an attractive investment destination. Whether it's luxury houses in Kerala, apartments in Kochi, or flats for sale in Thrissur, the roles of builders in Trivandrum and other cities are instrumental in shaping the real estate landscape and catering to the preferences and aspirations of Gulf NRIs. This trend is expected to continue, further solidifying Kerala's status as a favored choice for Gulf NRI property investments.

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