26 Mar

Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Location to buy a flat in Thrissur

Posted on Mar 26, 2024
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Thrissur - the cultural capital of Kerala, beckons visitors from all over. The magnificent Pooram festival, ancient temples featuring quintessential Kerala architecture, lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, sun kissed beaches, and Kalamandalam, the centre for indigenous art forms - make this city appealing for domestic and international tourists.  Today it is a bustling, thriving city, with flashy malls, multiplexes, and busy corporate offices and business parks. The growing IT industry, the flourishing gold jewellery industry, and financial sector, make it an appealing place for those seeking their fortunes.  If you have decided to move to this city, that’s a great choice. Let’s now look at the top residential areas in Thrissur:  Poochatty This quiet suburb of Trichur is a green paradise, and yet, is close enough to the town area, so that everything you need is nearby. Roughly translated as ‘flowerpot’, the area is so named after the potters who originally made this their home. The tranquillity of this place is such that you feel you are in the countryside, and yet, a very short drive brings you to the hustle and bustle of the city. Poochatty offers its citizens all the trappings of a modern and comfortable life thanks to high-quality residential projects like Varma Spectrum from Varma Homes. Premium apartments, world-class amenities, top-notch security - what more could one ask! Additionally, one of the best schools in Thrissur, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, is located there. There are several shops and marts selling all essentials, and has numerous places of worship. The Jubilee Hospital, a modern, well-equipped and reputed hospital, is just a short drive away. Located less than a km from the highway, it’s a dream come true. Ollur One of the most important suburbs of Thrissur, Ollur is a commercial hub and has plenty of educational institutions, places of religious worship, hospitals, and markets. It also houses a couple of museums, and options for shopping clothes, home decor, and so on. Poonkunnam Situated just 2 km from the Swaraj Round, Punkunnam is a popular residential area in Thrissur, with many posh neighbourhoods. It’s a prestigious locality thanks to its central location and excellent connectivity. The Shiva Temple and the Sitaram Textiles industry have made this area famous. Ayyanthole Ayyanthole is the administrative centre for Thrissur, and houses many important government office buildings, and even the court. It’s a beautiful area that is well-maintained and tranquil. The people’s passion for sports is well-known, and there is good infrastructure to support it like indoor stadium and football ground. As a popular residential area from early days, Ayyanthole has many educational institutions and hospitals serving the people there. The region also  Chembukkavu Chembukkavu is famous for the Thrissur Zoo and is a popular residential area of Thrissur. It is a busy urban area with plenty of markets, educational, and healthcare institutions serving it. Chembukkavu is well-connected to the rest of the city through an excellent road network.  Conclusion If you have read the above carefully, you can see that the Best residential areas in Thrissur have some common features: easy availability of essentials through markets, shops, and super marts; hospitals and other healthcare facilities, educational facilities available in the area; easy access to major roads; excellent connectivity; presence of places of worship; employment opportunities, and so on. When you are choosing the location where you want to buy a flat in Thrissur, make sure that the basics are covered.  You can expect a good return on your investment on your Thrissur flat, as the city is experiencing rapid growth, attracting professionals, unskilled labour, and entrepreneurs. When you invest in a Varma Homes apartment, you can be sure that you get value for your money. Premium construction, aesthetic looks, state-of-the-art facilities, all enable your family to live a luxurious lifestyle here. FAQs What are the top residential areas in Thrissur for buying a flat? The top residential areas include Poochatty, Ollur, Punkunnam, Ayyanthole, and Chembukkavu. These areas offer a mix of tranquility, connectivity, and access to modern amenities such as schools, hospitals, and markets, making them ideal for family living. What makes Thrissur a good investment for buying a flat? Thrissur is experiencing rapid growth, attracting professionals and businesses, especially in the IT, gold jewellery, and financial sectors. This growth, coupled with the city’s cultural significance, ensures a strong demand for residential properties, making it an excellent investment. How does the lifestyle in Thrissur compare with other cities? Thrissur offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern conveniences. The city is known for its vibrant festivals, rich history, and the presence of various art forms, alongside modern facilities such as malls, multiplexes, and business parks, offering a balanced and enriching lifestyle.

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23 Mar

Factors to consider when choosing  residential areas in Thrissur

Posted on Mar 23, 2024
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Looking to buy an apartment in Thrissur? That’s great! As the cultural capital of Kerala and an emerging financial hub, Thrissur has a great deal to offer its residents. From rich heritage to bustling malls, from breathtaking landscapes to peaceful suburbs, the city has it all. It’s one of the best places you can choose to settle down. But where in Thrissur will you buy your flat? How will you decide which are the best residential areas in Thrissur? We have some simple but effective tips for you.  Safety Is the locality safe? That’s the first thing you need to know, especially if you have a family. You may live in a gated community that offers ample safety, but it should be just as safe when your family is just outside, as well. Ask around and read up about the localities you have identified and check how safe they are. You can also scope out the place by walking about and seeing if any unsavoury characters hang out there regularly. Expenses Is it very expensive? We all know that within a district or even a city, there are likely to be places which are a lot more expensive than others. The expenses can be in many forms:  Cost of the property itself Property taxes Transportation costs (the further away from work, school, and markets, the more you spend on transportation) Education and healthcare - check if you have these facilities that are within your budget Markets Do you have to go far away every time something gets over at home? It is important that you are able to buy essentials from nearby shops. Having to go for away is inconvenient, takes up time, and becomes expensive too. The top residential areas in Thrissur have plenty of grocers, vegetable shops, milk centres, and so on. Access  Does your home offer easy access to the main road? Being located in a cramped street may not be ideal, especially if you have to commute to work daily. Make sure that even if your apartment is not right on the highway, you have easy access to major roads, so that you don’t get stuck in traffic jams all the time. Education Do you have playschools, kindergarten, and schools - at least primary level ones, in proximity to your preferred house? It is always better to send your children somewhere close by when they are little. Older children can commute a slight distance for school, but its not really recommended for the little knees. Healthcare  Are primary healthcare facilities nearby - doctors’ clinics or small nursing homes? This is critical. If you have a medical emergency, you must be able to get primary or urgent medical care before you can be moved to a full-fledged hospital. Recreation Is there some place your children can enjoy the outdoors? Families with young children must especially consider this factor, especially when you’re living in a flat. It's important for children to spend time outdoors, and play in the fresh air. Also check if facilities like coaching for football, basketball, and other sports are being offered nearby. When not absolutely essential, this is certainly desirable. Conclusion Finding the right residential area can make all the difference in your living experience. Remember, that the right area can differ according to individual taste; for example, some people may prefer to live in a crowded are with lots of hub-bub, while others may prefer a peaceful locality, even if everything is not available easily. Varma Homes offers premium 2 and 3 BHK flats in one of the best residential areas of Thrissur, Poochatty, which is tranquil and green, but is close to every essential and desirable facility you may want. Varma Spectrum features excellent construction, and offers world-class amenities for its residents.

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21 Feb

Why is location important in buying your dream home in Thrissur

Posted on Feb 21, 2024
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

If you are thinking of purchasing a flat in Thrissur, you have to do your homework thoroughly. Check out the top residential areas in Thrissur, see who the builder is and what their reputation is, what it’s going to cost you, whether it has the amenities you want, and so on. The location is perhaps the most important factor that impacts your decision to buy an apartment. But why is the location important if all other boxes are ticked? How much difference does it really make?  Let us examine the reasons that make the location important when you’re purchasing your home: Safety You don’t want your family to be in an unsafe area; sure, they are safe as long as they are inside the apartment building; but this safety should be there even when they are outside it - when they go to buy essentials, commute to school, walk to their friends’ homes, and so on. It is important that the neighbourhood is safe and that there are no anti-social elements hanging around or living close by. Clinics/ Nursing homes Basic healthcare facilities nearby are an absolute necessity, whether you have young children or seniors in your family. Even for yourself, you should be able to get primary and urgent medical care in an emergency. It is important that if not a fully-equipped multi-specialty hospital, there is at least a small clinic that can provide these services. The presence of medical stores, diagnostics labs etc. is an added bonus. Markets Having to drive or take an auto to a store far away everytime you need a little something that suddenly got over can be a pain. Check out if there are supermarkets or at least well-stocked grocery stores in the vicinity. Some of them may even be willing to deliver your groceries to your doorstep if you simply make a phone call. In any case, markets or shops selling essentials should be within easy walking distance for your convenience. Educational Institutions This point is especially important for families with very young children - toddlers who need to go to playschool and kindergarten. It’s not a good idea to send them far away at this tender age. The best residential areas in Thrissur are bound to have some facilities for young kids so that they don’t have to commute far from their homes. Entertainment/Recreation While it's not absolutely essential, it’s good to have some avenue for entertainment and recreation. Does the locality have a park, garden, or playground? Families with young children and pets will especially find it helpful. Living in an apartment can restrict movement of children - having an open area where they can interact with other kids would be great. Accessibility Is the apartment building that you have shortlisted close to the main road or tucked away in an inside road? It is important to have easy and quick access to the main road or highway so that your commute is smoother, and you can get to work, school, hospital etc quickly. Conclusion You can see now why location is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a flat in Thrissur. Check out Varma Spectrum from Varma Homes, located in Poochatty, one of the  top residential areas in Thrissur which has all the facilities we discussed above. The building has premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments that are spacious and well laid out. Varma Homes has completed dozens of outstanding residential buildings in Kerala, featuring the latest amenities that make life comfortable and luxurious for residents. Varma Homes is a responsible builder with transparent dealings and adherence to all government regulations. FAQs How can I efficiently organize my small apartment kitchen to maximize storage? Organize utensils by category in drawers with separators, use stackable containers for groceries, and install carousels in cabinet corners. Mount appliances and use wall space for hanging items and shelves. What are some space-saving solutions for kitchen appliances and utensils? Opt for compact appliances, install pull-out shelves for extra storage, and use magnetic strips for knives. Consider multi-use furniture like kitchen islands with storage and tables for food prep. How can I utilize under-the-sink space and ensure cleaning tools are neatly stored? Store cleaning materials under the sink and fix racks or shelves on the doors for kitchen cloths. Designate a space for brooms, mops, and buckets to keep them hidden but accessible.

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31 Jan

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Residential Areas in Thrissur

Posted on Jan 31, 2024
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Buying property is always a big decision; you need to do proper research and ensure that you are buying from the right developer. The location of your property is also crucial, especially if you’re buying a flat. If you’re wondering which are the top residential areas in Thrissur, we can help you with that. Poochatty Tranquil and verdant, Poochatty is a quiet suburb of Thrissur though it is only 7 km away from the hub-bub of the city. Named after the original settler who were pot makers, Poochatty is a breath of fresh air, offering a peaceful life to residents. Vast green spaces make you feel as if you are in the countryside. And yet, the place has all the comforts a modern family seeks. The downtown area of the city is easily accessible through the superb road network. This emerging residential area of Thrissur is rapidly becoming one of the top localities in Thrissur for homebuyers. There is excellent infrastructure in the suburb, and one of the best schools in Thrissur, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, is located here. There are plenty of shopping options for the residents, and the Puthur zoo is also close by. The Jubilee Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital just a few km away. Religious places, banks, clinics etc. are also present in Poochatty. One of the best residential projects is Varma Spectrum from Varma Homes, offering premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments just 800 m from the main highway. Ollur Ollur is a major suburb of Thrissur and is commercially important from the old days. Just 5 km from the Thrissur round, it has a number of reputed schools, colleges, hospitals, temples, and churches; there are also a couple of museums in the region. As a busy business centre, there is no dearth of shopping centres selling everything from essentials to luxuries. It’s one of the top residential areas in Thrissur. Chembukkavu Chembukkavu is a residential suburb of Thrissur which is famed for the Thrissur Zoo. A bustling urban area, this area has all the conveniences required like markets, clinics, and educational institutions close by. It is also well-connected to the rest of the city. The Chembukkavu Bhagavathy Temple attracts hordes of pilgrims in April-May. Ayyanthole Ayyanthole is a residential area of Thrissur, and the administrative center for the District; as such, it is home to several state governmental offices and courts and is a well-maintained and peaceful area. Its rich agricultural heritage, passion for sports, and proximity to the city downtown area make it a very popular residential area. It has an indoor stadium and a huge football ground, and is home to several top-notch hospitals, popular schools, colleges, and vocational education institutions. Viyyoor Viyyoor is a popular residential area in Thrissur, located 4 km from the Thrissur Round. Green and beautiful, it abounds in places of worship of all faiths. Schools, professional colleges, vocational colleges, hospitals, markets, can all be found in the area. It’s a busy yet pleasant area for homeowners. A major attraction is the kavadi mahotsavam celebrated annually at the Viyyoor Manalarukavu devi temple. Conclusion Thrissur is fast proving to be the preferred destination for entrepreneurs and professionals alike and is rapidly developing into a major city of the nation. A number of prestigious real-estate projects are also underway in Thrissur, including those by Varma Homes and other reputed builders. When you purchase your flat from a builder like Varma Homes, you can be assured that the location will be an excellent one, and that you will get the best possible amenities. For more details, contact us now.

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03 Dec

Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Posted on Dec 03, 2023
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Why is there a heavy demand for apartments in Thrissur? Thrissur can be considered the gold capital of the country, with over 700 crore rupees worth of business being conducted in the commodity annually. It’s one of the major centres of gold manufacturing in Kerala; this has led to it being a financially prominent city. It is also the location of the world-famous Pooram festival which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Additionally, there are many ancient temples which bring in devotees from all over.  Of late, the city has emerged as an IT hub, thanks to the numerous initiatives of the state government like promoting incubators, IT parks, cyberparks, provision of finance on easy terms, and so on. These factors necessitated the rapid development of infrastructure, which can be evidenced in the numerous highways, flyovers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and improved telecom systems today.  The city is now better connected to other cities in Kerala and major cities in neighbouring states. The growth of Thrissur as an IT hub has led to many entrepreneurs and corporate professionals to migrate to the city for more lucrative prospects. It is also a nature lover’s delight, with its cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, elephant sanctuary, and panoramic landscape. Obviously, these developments have combined to push the demand for quality, affordable housing.  Why Choose Thrissur for Residential Investment? Thrissur is, as of now, a city with high economic development, and is poised to grow even more in the coming years. This economic development and infrastructure availability have made the city an attractive prospect to investors and homeowners alike. Thrissur appeals to entrepreneurs - especially in the IT sector - and corporate professionals as well. The real estate market trends in Thrissur point to a shift in housing preferences, with these young professionals choosing apartments over individual houses. Thrissur is a land steeped in history and tradition. It was a prominent place even in the times of the Chera empire. The city is home to numerous literary, artistic, and cultural organizations and academies, and the people of Thrissur are renowned for patronizing various art forms from the early days.  Today, glitzy malls, glass-facade office spaces, and high-rise residential buildings share the same space as old monuments and traditional homes. Restaurants offering global cuisine, global brands, and swanky cars rub shoulders with caparisoned elephants and age-old traditions. One could say that Thrissur offers an eclectic blend of modernity and tradition.  Let’s now look at one of the top residential areas in Thrissur: Spotlight on Poochatty Poochatty is a peaceful suburb in Thrissur district in Nadathara Panchayat; just 7 km from the district headquarters, this is a green paradise, a tranquil haven for anyone who wants to escape the bustle of the city. It got its name from its first settlers who were potters and made pots that were sold all over the state. Along with them, some weavers were also present; some of their descendants still inhabit the place, and they speak their own language which is different from Malayalam.  The city is just a very short drive away, but here, you can have a peaceful life and breathe the pristine air. The lush greenery all around is a soothing sight for the mind and soul; a rural gem in an urban crown. Little wonder, then, that Poochatty is becoming the favourite residential area for innumerable newcomers to the city. It is well-connected to the main city through an excellent network of roads and highways.  Varma Homes offers Varma Spectrum, a project with 2 and 3 BHK apartments in this locality, just 800 m from the highway. It is right opposite one of the best schools in the district, Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir.  Infrastructure and amenities in Poochatty Surprisingly, in spite of being a small village, Poochatty has ample amenities and good infrastructure. This means that there is a good scope for the place to develop rapidly and become more urbanized.  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir is a renowned school in Poochatty, offering classes from I to XII. The school has a big library, well-equipped labs, auditoriums, playgrounds, sports complex, and e-learning facilities. There is a zoo just 4 km away at Puthur - it is well maintained, and an ideal place for a family outing. The Jubilee Mission Hospital, less than 5 km away, is a modern, well-equipped hospital that provides all the essential healthcare services to the people of Poochatty. From emergency services to elective surgery, from child care to intensive care, all medical services are provided.  Banking services are provided by Dhanalaxmi Bank. Other major banks are a short drive away.  There are several places of worship in the region, many of them quite ancient, lending a mystic air to Poochatty. Cultural Significance Poochatty celebrates Onam with great fervour. Every home is bedecked like a bride with colouful and mesmerizing flower carpets, and sumptuous feasts are prepared to welcome the good King Mahabali who comes to visit his beloved citizens. The whole village bears a festive air, and is lit up in the evenings. The pooram festival, of the famous ancient Vadakkumnathan Temple in April-May, and is a magnificent event spanning seven days. All of Thrissur vibrates with excitement and energy at this time, and Poochatty is no different. The caparisoned elephants, intoxicating sound of drums, vibrant fans, the awe-inspiring fireworks display, combine to make it a grand festival. The people of Poochatty actively participate in this festival. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects in Poochatty Varma Spectrum is the most noteworthy real estate project in Poochatty. Brought to you by the most reputed builder in Kerala, Varma Homes, Varma Spectrum has 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments that will elevate your lifestyle. With all major amenities close by, Varma Spectrum also offers convenience for the residents. Featuring robust construction, superior architecture, and aesthetic apartments, Varma Spectrum is one of the best real estate projects in Thrissur. Branded vitrified tiles, branded steel kitchen sinks, premium electrical and plumbing fittings, superior quality doors and windows - everything you can expect in a  top-notch home, you will find in Varma Spectrum. Here are some of the amenities you can expect in the building: 24 hours water and power Automated elevators Fitness centre Furnished lobby Recreation space Visitors lounge Intercom Indoor play area for children 24 hour security Party area on rooftop Water treatment facility Sewage treatment Well-stocked library CCTV monitoring You can enjoy comfortable, convenient, and luxurious living in Varma Spectrum, Poochatty. Varma Homes has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable builders in Kerala, having delivered premium residential projects all over the state for the past several years. Potential for Real Estate Appreciation in Thrissur As we mentioned earlier, infrastructure development is taking place on a war footing in Thrissur, and road connectivity has been improved with new and broadened highways. Economic growth is spurred by tourism, mainly thanks to the Pooram, and natural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city is the gold capital of the company and is also home to many banks or headquarters of big banks. Entrepreneurs and corporate professionals alike have innumerable benefits of moving to Thrissur. The weather is pleasant year-round, with no extreme temperatures.  The burgeoning IT sector is propping up the demand for quality living spaces that offer all the trappings of modern living. As a city steeped in culture and tradition, Thrissur has yet embraced modernity and contemporary life with aplomb. Poochatty is among the top residential areas in Thrissur with its vast green spaces, tranquil atmosphere, and availability of modern comforts and amenities.  Given these inherent advantages, there is tremendous potential for real estate appreciation in Thrissur, and especially in Poochatty. When you are forming your real estate investment strategies in Thrissur, you must consider investing in properties in areas that are still not yet fully developed - like Poochatty - as these are likely to appreciate the most when the region reaches its peak development. Conclusion With its ideal blend of tradition and modernity, Thrissur is a thriving commercial and financial hub, and poised for exponential growth in the coming years. This makes it an ideal market for real estate investment. This is the right time to invest, as the market is definitely going to climb higher. Whether you want to purchase real estate for investment or personal use, entering the market early is crucial. To get maximum returns on your investment, the right time is now. By investing in flats in Thrissur, you can earn excellent long-term rental income or sell when the property appreciates - either way, you can get outstanding returns on your investment.

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11 Oct

Top Residential Areas in Kochi

Posted on Oct 11, 2023
by Ajmal T V
Thrissur, Top Residential Areas in Thrissur

Kochi is the financial and commercial capital of Kerala, a naval base, and a bustling, flourishing, and cosmopolitan city. It has a rich history of heroism, patriotism, culture, art, and music, and is now an emerging IT hub of the nation. Infrastructure projects are being executed rapidly and efficiently, increasing the city?s value and connectivity. It should come as no surprise that Kochi is preferred by many entrepreneurs and corporates alike. The economic development of the city is driving demand for real estate development - for both commercial and residential spaces. New areas are being developed for residence, with the Kochi Metro expansion, building of new roads, and the water metro project. If you?re looking to buy an apartment or villa in Kochi but are unsure which locality to choose, relax. We will discuss the best and upcoming residential areas in Kochi, along with their advantages. Edappally Edappally shot into prominence when Lulu Mall, the biggest one in Kerala, was established.  Edappally is an eclectic blend of premium residential spaces and bustling commercial areas and an important junction on the national highway - making it a very desirable neighbourhood to live in. With its convenient location and dynamic atmosphere, this bustling hub attracts investors and residents alike. The seat of the erstwhile Edappally Rajas, Edappally is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods of Kochi.  Amenities: Transportation - Kochi metro, a railway station, national and state highways, and several major and minor roads make Edappally well-connected. Education: The area is home to a number of famous schools like Campion and Bhavan's, and a few colleges as well Healthcare - some of the most reputed hospitals like Amrita, Kinder, MAJ Hospital  and premier diagnostics labs like Epsilon and Aster operate here. Shopping and Entertainment - Home to many malls like Lulu, Oberon, and Grand, there is no dearth of shopping, dining, movie halls, or entertainment.  Noteworthy Real Estate Projects Edappally boasts of some of the best residential projects, like the Varma Regent in Ponekkara, which offers premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Close to the Changampuzha Park Metro Station, it offers convenient access to the residents. Varma Harmony is another premium apart building nearing completion in Edappally, located in a convenient area with road connectivity. The Varma Symphony is an upcoming project, avail the pre-launch offer to get flats at great prices. Kadavanthra Kadavanthra is a vibrant urban centre; it?s a major commercial centre and a premium residential area too. It has a rich cultural heritage which continues to this day. Kadavanthra is part of the business district and home to several major government bodies. Panampilly Nagar is an upscale neighbourhood close to Kadavanthra, which is preferred by many for its peace and greenery. Amenities: Transportation -.Ernakulam junction railway station is close by, and Kadavanthra is served by major highways and arterial roads as well as the Metro. Education - This area has many excellent schools and colleges like St. Joseph?s, KV, Toc-H,  and Bhavan?s.  Healthcare - Silverline, Indira Gandhi Co-op Hospital, and Medical Trust Hospital  are among the excellent hospitals functioning here Shopping and Entertainment - Kadavanthra residents have ample choices for shopping in its many shopping centres, for branded and economy items. Movie halls like Shenoy?s and others provide entertainment. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects Kadavanthra is an ideal place to purchase real estate for investment or living. Head to Varma Urban Heights to avail of special New Launch Offers on stylish and elegant 3 and 4-BHK luxury apartments.  Palarivattom Palarivattom is a flourishing commercial hub that seamlessly incorporates premium living spaces. It?s a major junction that connects many parts of the city. The area is a lively one, with many shops open through the night. Amenities: Transportation - Palarivattom is well-connected by major highways and arterial roads, the Kochi Metro, etc. Education -St. Vincent De Paul is the most famous school here, and there are several play schools and technical education institutes in Palarivattom. Healthcare - The area is home to hospitals like EMC, Renai Medicity,Vijayalakshmi,  and several Ayurveda hospitals Shopping and Entertainment -In addition to Oberon Mall, there are several stores selling everything from high-end apparel and electronics to essentials. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects The newly launched Varma Ficus offers premium 2 and 3-BHK luxury apartments at special rates for the first few buyers. This project is located in the prestigious Alinchuvadu area. Eroor Eroor is a peaceful neighbourhood, offering top-notch quality of life to its residents. This serene suburb is green and clean, making it a hot favourite among those who want to buy flats in Kochi. Amenities: Transportation - Eroor is well connected to Kochi city via highways and arterial roads Education - Bhavan?s and several other excellent schools are in the area. Healthcare - Eroor is well served by numerous clinics and hospitals like PS Mission hospital. Shopping and Entertainment - Several shopping centres allow residents to purchase essentials, apparel, electronics, and more. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects Eroor will soon have Varma Rhythm where you can buy luxury 2 and 3-BHK apartments; the first few units are being offered at special rates - if you hurry, you could be among the lucky ones. Vazhakkala and Vennala These are emerging twin neighborhoods that offer a lovely balance between modern comforts and suburban tranquility. Located in close proximity to each other, these two regions of Kochi ar rising stars. Though an urban region, it is very green and has wide open spaces that enable residents to take a breath of fresh air.  Amenities Transportation - These localities enjoy proximity to NH 66, state highways and arterial roads. Education - Nava Nirman is the most prominent school here  Healthcare -EMC,Vijayalakshmi , Sunrise hospital and private clinics provide healthcare facilities.  Shopping and Entertainment - Residents have access to shopping centres, malls, and arcades like Q1 and Veluthamana for necessities and branded items. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects Two projects that are nearing completion are the Varma Imperial in Vazhakkala, with 2 and 3-BHK apartments, and Varma Connekt, 3 BHK luxury apartments in Vennala. This project offers spacious car parking on two levels, and has all modern amenities. To avail special offers, book early before units are sold out. Tripunithura The capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Kochi, Tripunithura has a rich heritage of culture and history. It has several palaces belonging to the then-royal family, heritage homes, and ancient temples, which attract people in droves. It was a centre of art, sculpture, music, literature, and music, as they were patronized by the royals, and continues to be a hub of art and culture even today.Tripunithura is one of the most coveted neighbourhoods in Kochi, and a place where real-estate appreciation is one of the highest. Amenities: Transportation - Tripunithura has a railway station, and is connected by two national highways, a state highway, and many arterial roads. The Metro station is also nearing completion. Education - There are numerous schools in this locality - Chinmaya, Choice, Sree Narayana, Sree Venkateshwara, etc. The Govt Sanskrit College, Rajarshi College, Akshara College, and other higher education institutes also operate here. Healthcare - Multiple reputed hospitals like Varma Hospital, Lakeshore, St. George, Devi etc. provide excellent healthcare facilities Abad Nucleus and many shopping arcades exist for shopping and several theatres like Pan, Central, etc. for entertainment. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects Tripunithura has a number of outstanding apartment buildings. Varma North Light in Vadakkekotta is an ongoing project with 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments. It is just 300 m away from the Metro station. Varma Padipura at Statue Junction with 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments and modern amenities like a rooftop swimming pool, offers high-class modern living. Varma Maalika Blocks I and II at the prime location of S N Junction, just 200 m from the Metro station offer 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments. Varma Kottaram, situated close to major temples, has 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Chottanikkara Chottinakkara is a southern suburb of Kochi and famed as a temple town. The ancient Bhagavathy Temple is dedicated to the Devi, believed to have the power to heal mental ailments. There are many legends associated with the temple and the town. It is a peaceful and green neighbourhood that many people prefer if they want a quieter lifestyle. Amenities Transportation - Chottanikkara is well-connected by major roads and several private buses offer services to the area. There is also a railway station functioning here. Education - Government schools, Mahatma Gandhi school, and several play schools can be found here. Healthcare - Apart from SD Tata Hospital, Chottanikkara has Ayurveda and Homeo hospitals too. Shopping and Entertainment - There are many shopping centres and arcades that offer ample choice of products. Noteworthy Real Estate Projects One of the most prestigious ready-to-occupy apartment buildings in Chottinakkara is the Varma Bougain Heights Purple. Premium 2 and 3 BHK flats are available with 0% GST. A model apartment is available for you to check out, so you can get the proper idea about layout and space. Potential for Appreciation All residential areas in Kochi have high chances of value appreciation, but the localities mentioned here are likely to increase in value the most, thanks to the following factors: Infrastructure Development In all the neighbourhoods we spoke about above, infrastructure development is happening at a rapid pace. State and national highways are being built or broadened, with land being acquired by the respective authorities. The Kochi Metro Phase II has also been kicked off and is expanding to new areas, and new stations are being built. The Water Metro has also been proposed to connect regions separated by the backwaters. Economic Growth Kochi is witnessing unprecedented economic growth thanks to the exponential rise of the IT, tourism, manufacturing, and finance sectors. Its central location, existence of a well-maintained port, and tradition of trade and commerce are bonus factors that contribute significantly to Kochi?s economy. Lifestyle Kochi offers a heady mix of modern urban conveniences, serene green spaces, a cosmopolitan and eclectic population, and traditional culture. People find this very attractive as they get to experience myriad facets of life in this Queen of the Arabian Sea. Conclusion There is no doubt that the real estate market in Kochi is the ideal place to invest in, as there are boundless opportunities for value appreciation. The city is expanding, growing, and flourishing, and the demand for quality living spaces is spiralling by the day.  

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